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Country code CL
Country code (3 digit) CHL
Continent South America
Flight Information Regions
Airports 487
Size 736,363 km2

Airports in Chile

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

SCOVEl Tuqui AirportOVLSantiago FIROvalleSmall airport
SCOYHuayanay AirportSantiago FIROvalleSmall airport
SCPAParanal AirportAntofagasta FIRAntofagastaSmall airport
SCPBPuelo Bajo AirportPuerto Montt FIRPuelo BajoSmall airport
SCPCPucón AirportZPCPuerto Montt FIRPuconSmall airport
SCPESan Pedro de Atacama AirportAntofagasta FIRSan Pedro De AtacamaSmall airport
SCPFMarcel Marchant AirportPuerto Montt FIRPuerto MonttSmall airport
SCPGMunicipal de Panguipulli AirportPuerto Montt FIRPanguipulliSmall airport
SCPHPuyuhuapi AirportPuerto Montt FIRPuyuhuapiSmall airport
SCPIPullami AirportSantiago FIRCoihuecoSmall airport
SCPKPuerto Cisnes AirportPuerto Montt FIRPuerto CisnesSmall airport
SCPLCalpulli AirportPuerto Montt FIRPaillacoSmall airport
SCPMPichilemu AirportSantiago FIRPichilemuSmall airport
SCPNPillán AirportPuerto Montt FIRChaitenSmall airport
SCPOLos Paltos AirportSantiago FIRQuinta TilcocoSmall airport
SCPPPoco a Poco AirportSantiago FIRMulchenSmall airport
SCPRCorte Alto AirportPuerto Montt FIRPurranqueSmall airport
SCPSPerales AirportAntofagasta FIRCopiapoSmall airport
SCPTLa Puerta AirportSantiago FIRSanta CruzSmall airport
SCPUPeulla AirportPuerto Montt FIRPeullaSmall airport
SCPVEl Mirador AirportPUXPuerto Montt FIRPuerto VarasSmall airport
SCPWPeumo AirportSantiago FIRPeumoSmall airport
SCPXPunta Catalina AirportPunta Arenas FIRPunta CatalinaSmall airport
SCPYCerro Castillo AirportPunta Arenas FIRCerro CastilloSmall airport
SCPZPatriot Hills AirportPunta Arenas FIRAntarticaSmall airport
SCQCLa Colmena AirportSantiago FIRQuinoSmall airport
SCQEQuenac AirportPuerto Montt FIRIsla QuenacSmall airport
SCQIIcalma AirportPuerto Montt FIRLonquimaySmall airport
SCQKLequecahue AirportSantiago FIRTiruaSmall airport
SCQLEl Boco AirportSantiago FIRQuillotaSmall airport
SCQMLas Quemas AirportPuerto Montt FIROsornoSmall airport
SCQOQuitralco AirportPuerto Montt FIRAysénSmall airport
SCQRLos Morros AirportSantiago FIRCobquecuraSmall airport
SCQTLasTacas AirportSantiago FIRQuebrada Las TacasSmall airport
SCQWQuemchi AirportPuerto Montt FIRQuemchiSmall airport
SCQXQueilén AirportPuerto Montt FIRQueilenSmall airport
SCQYVilla Portales AirportSantiago FIRLonquimaySmall airport
SCRAChañaral AirportCNRAntofagasta FIRChañaralMidsized airport
SCRBRío Bravo AirportPunta Arenas FIRTortelSmall airport
SCRCVilla Tapera AirportPuerto Montt FIRRio CisnesSmall airport
SCRDRodelillo AirportVAPSantiago FIRViña Del MarSmall airport
SCREEstancia Río Cisnes AirportPuerto Montt FIRRio CisnesSmall airport
SCRFLaguna San Rafael AirportPuerto Montt FIRLaguna San RafaelSmall airport
SCRGLa Independencia AirportSantiago FIRRancaguaMidsized airport
SCRHReñihúe AirportPuerto Montt FIRReñihueSmall airport
SCRIRío Frío AirportPuerto Montt FIRRío FríoSmall airport
SCRLLa Estrella AirportSantiago FIRRapelSmall airport
SCRNRío Negro AirportPuerto Montt FIRRío NegroSmall airport
SCRPRapelhuapi AirportSantiago FIRRapelSmall airport
SCRQRucañanco AirportPuerto Montt FIRRio BuenoSmall airport
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