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Country code CL
Country code (3 digit) CHL
Continent South America
Flight Information Regions
Airports 487
Size 736,363 km2

Airports in Chile

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

SHNZNazareno HeliportSantiago FIRPirqueHeliport
SHOTSanta Rosa De Tabalí HeliportSantiago FIROvalleHeliport
SHOVLo Ovalle HeliportSantiago FIRCasablancaHeliport
SHPDTitanium HeliportSantiago FIRSantiagoHeliport
SHPEPelluco HeliportPuerto Montt FIRPuerto MonttHeliport
SHPMLago La Paloma HeliportPuerto Montt FIRHeliport
SHPPPapudo HeliportSantiago FIRPapudoHeliport
SHPTPortillo HeliportSantiago FIRLos AndesHeliport
SHPUPunta Catalina HeliportPunta Arenas FIRPunta CatalinaHeliport
SHQNQuinn HeliportPuerto Montt FIRValdiviaHeliport
SHRBRodelbahn HeliportSantiago FIRSantiagoHeliport
SHREJose Miguel Carrera HeliportSantiago FIRSantiagoHeliport
SHRPRapel HeliportSantiago FIRLas CabrasHeliport
SHSBCerro Sombrero HeliportPunta Arenas FIRMagallanesHeliport
SHSCSantiago Centro HeliportSantiago FIRSantiagoHeliport
SHSDSonda HelipadSantiago FIRSantiagoHeliport
SHSEPosesión HeliportPunta Arenas FIRPosesionHeliport
SHSIPosesión 5 HeliportPunta Arenas FIRPosesionHeliport
SHSJHospital San José HelipadPuerto Montt FIRHeliport
SHSKSkua 1 HeliportPunta Arenas FIRPunta CatalinaHeliport
SHSMEdificio Torre Santa María HelipadSantiago FIRSantiagoHeliport
SHSNHospital Regional de Copiapó San José del Carmen HelipadAntofagasta FIRHeliport
SHSOHospital Dr Luis Tisné Brousse HelipadSantiago FIRSantiagoHeliport
SHSPMoneda Bicentenario HeliportSantiago FIRSantiagoHeliport
SHSREdificio Torre San Ramón HelipadSantiago FIRSantiagoHeliport
SHSSHospital Regional de Temuco HeliportPuerto Montt FIRTemucoHeliport
SHSUSkua 4 HeliportPunta Arenas FIRPunta CatalinaHeliport
SHTCEdificio Corporativo CTC HeliportSantiago FIRSantiagoHeliport
SHTITorre Interamericana HeliportSantiago FIRSantiagoHeliport
SHTLTorre Ligure HelipadSantiago FIRConcepcionHeliport
SHTOSubteniente Marcelo Topali HeliportSantiago FIRSantiagoHeliport
SHTRSotracer HeliportSantiago FIRLos AngelesHeliport
SHTSAlto Trapenses HeliportSantiago FIRHeliport
SHUCClinica San Carlos de Apoquindo HeliportSantiago FIRHeliport
SHUEDinahue HeliportSantiago FIRHeliport
SHVIVillarica Park Lake HeliportPuerto Montt FIRVillarricaHeliport
SHVMViña Matetic HeliportSantiago FIRCartagenaHeliport
SHWTWorld Trade Center HeliportSantiago FIRSantiagoHeliport
SHYASumaya HeliportSantiago FIRPirqueHeliport
CL-0017Peldehue AerodromeSantiago FIRSmall airport
CL-0027Los CerrillosNew York Oceanic West FIRClosed
SCAFSan AlfonsoSantiago FIRClosed
SCAVLa VertienteSantiago FIRChillánSmall airport
SCEVAvellanoPuerto Montt FIRSmall airport
SCJSJosé Abel SepúlvedaSantiago FIRSmall airport
SCNCSanta BárbaraPuerto Montt FIRChaiténSmall airport
SCNEMaría ElenaAntofagasta FIRSmall airport
SCNRFundo NaicuraSantiago FIRRengoClosed
SCOSEntre RíosSantiago FIREl MonteSmall airport
SCROSanta BárbaraSantiago FIRTenoSmall airport
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