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Country code CL
Country code (3 digit) CHL
Continent South America
Flight Information Regions
Airports 487
Size 736,363 km2

Airports in Chile

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

SCDKEl Patagual AirportSantiago FIRSmall airport
SCDLEl Algarrobo AirportSantiago FIRCabildoSmall airport
SCDMSan Damian AirportSantiago FIRDuaoSmall airport
SCDQSan Lorenzo AirportSantiago FIRDuquecoSmall airport
SCDSSan Andrés AirportSantiago FIRRetiroSmall airport
SCDWAlmirante Schroeders AirportPunta Arenas FIRIsla DawsonSmall airport
SCEAEl Amarillo AirportPuerto Montt FIRChaitenSmall airport
SCEBEntrada Baker AirportPunta Arenas FIREntrada BakerClosed
SCECPelícano AirportSantiago FIREstacion ChañaralSmall airport
SCEDLos Cedros AirportSantiago FIRSagrada FamiliaSmall airport
SCEGEl Corte AirportSantiago FIRTalaganteSmall airport
SCEHEl Huachi AirportSantiago FIRSanta BarbaraSmall airport
SCEIPotrerillos AirportAntofagasta FIRSmall airport
SCEKChépica AirportSantiago FIRChepicaSmall airport
SCEOEl Salto AirportSantiago FIRParralSmall airport
SCEPEl Principal AirportSantiago FIRPirqueSmall airport
SCERQuintero AirportSantiago FIRQuinteroSmall airport
SCESRicardo García Posada AirportESRAntofagasta FIREl SalvadorMidsized airport
SCETEl Tambo AirportSantiago FIRSan Vicente De Tagua TaguaSmall airport
SCEXRío Exploradores AirportPuerto Montt FIRAysénSmall airport
SCEYEntrada Mayer AirportPunta Arenas FIREntrada MayerSmall airport
SCFCFachinal AirportPuerto Montt FIRFachinalSmall airport
SCFFFreirina AirportSantiago FIRFreirinaSmall airport
SCFIFundo Tehuén AirportPuerto Montt FIRFrutillarSmall airport
SCFJFray Jorge AirportSantiago FIROvalleSmall airport
SCFKFundo El Carmen AirportSantiago FIRChillanSmall airport
SCFLFundo Loma Larga AirportSantiago FIRCasablancaSmall airport
SCFNRussfin AirportPunta Arenas FIRTimaukelSmall airport
SCFOLa Reforma AirportSantiago FIRPelarcoClosed
SCFRFrutillar AirportPuerto Montt FIRFrutillarSmall airport
SCFSLos Calafates AirportPuerto Montt FIRChonchiSmall airport
SCFULoncopan AirportPuerto Montt FIRFutronoSmall airport
SCFXIsla San Felix AirportAntofagasta FIRIsla San FelixSmall airport
SCGAPunta Galera AirportPuerto Montt FIRLa UnionSmall airport
SCGBGuadaba AirportSantiago FIRLos SaucesSmall airport
SCGCUnion Glacier Blue-Ice RunwayPunta Arenas FIRAntarticaSmall airport
SCGFGolfo Azul AirportPuerto Montt FIRFutronoSmall airport
SCGHCholguahue AirportSantiago FIRLos AngelesSmall airport
SCGISan Guillermo AirportSantiago FIRRetiroSmall airport
SCGLLas Aguilas AirportSantiago FIRRapelSmall airport
SCGMLos Gomeros AirportSantiago FIRRengoSmall airport
SCGNCaleta Gonzalo AirportPuerto Montt FIRChaitenSmall airport
SCGOLos Confines AirportSantiago FIRAngolSmall airport
SCGSSiberia AirportSantiago FIRCholguanSmall airport
SCGUAguas Blancas AirportAntofagasta FIRAntofagastaSmall airport
SCGVPunta Gaviota AirportSantiago FIRCaleta Chañaral De AceitunoSmall airport
SCGYLos Guayes AirportPuerto Montt FIRCuncoSmall airport
SCGZGuardiamarina Zañartu AirportWPUPunta Arenas FIRPuerto WilliamsMidsized airport
SCHAChamonate AirportAntofagasta FIRCopiapoSmall airport
SCHCChicureo AirportSantiago FIRSantiagoSmall airport
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