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Honiara International AirportAGGHHIRSB
91 °F6¼ mi+-090°  090°12 kt
Mar de Cortés International AirportAMCPPEMX
88 °F10 mi-Var  000°0 kt
Momote AirportAYMOMASPG
Port Moresby Jacksons International AirportAYPYPOMPG
88 °F6¼ mi+-220°  220°15 kt
Keflavik International AirportBIKFKEFIS
46 °F6¼ mi+20,000 ft310°  310°10 kt
Afonso Pena International AirportBR-1087CWBBR
59 °F5 mi-040°  040°5 kt
Edmonton International AirportCYEGYEGCA
57 °F20 mi1,800 ft030°  030°7 kt
Halifax / Stanfield International AirportCYHZYHZCA
64 °F10 mi400 ft200°  200°8 kt
Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International AirportCYOWYOWCA
68 °F15 mi-270°  270°9 kt
Quebec Jean Lesage International AirportCYQBYQBCA
66 °F15 mi12,000 ftVar  Var2 kt
Montreal / Pierre Elliott Trudeau International AirportCYULYULCA
72 °F15 mi-230°  230°1016 kt
Vancouver International AirportCYVRYVRCA
68 °F25 mi22,000 ft160°  160°9 kt
Winnipeg / James Armstrong Richardson International AirportCYWGYWGCA
64 °F15 mi26,000 ft330°  330°6 kt
Calgary International AirportCYYCYYCCA
54 °F2½ mi400 ft020°  020°13 kt
St. John's International AirportCYYTYYTCA
63 °F15 mi1,100 ft210°  210°1621 kt
Lester B. Pearson International AirportCYYZYYZCA
73 °F15 mi-300°  300°10 kt
Houari Boumediene AirportDAAGALGDZ
82 °F6¼ mi+9,000 ft190°  190°4 kt
Kotoka International AirportDGAAACCGH
75 °F6¼ mi+-270°  270°3 kt
Nnamdi Azikiwe International AirportDNAAABVNG
73 °F3¾ mi-040°  040°2 kt
Murtala Muhammed International AirportDNMMLOSNG
77 °F5 mi-Var  Var2 kt
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About the airport list

In this list you will find all airports. You can find ICAO codes, names, country and the latest weather information from the last METAR.

In the first column you can find the size and type of airport. These markers are also used on the maps, unless there is a METAR for that airport.

  • Large airport
  • Midsized airport
  • Small airport
  • Microlight airfield
  • Gliderfield
  • Heliport
  • Weather service
  • Point of Interest

If the airport has no METAR, the information of the nearest METAR station is displayed. Click on the name of an airport to view the most relevant METAR for that field. The data from the METAR is combined with information about the runways, so we can show crosswind components. If you want to combine another weather station, you can easily change it.

You can sort the list by clicking on the column titles. Click a second time to reverse the order. For advanced search and more filter options, click on "Search". For example, filter by country code to see all fields of a country. A few search tips:

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