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Country code CL
Country code (3 digit) CHL
Continent South America
Flight Information Regions
Airports 487
Size 736,363 km2

Airports in Chile

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

SCAHTolquien AirportPuerto Montt FIRAchaoSmall airport
SCAICuracautín AirportSantiago FIRSmall airport
SCAJLas Alpacas AirportSantiago FIRRetiroSmall airport
SCAKAtacalco AirportSantiago FIRRecintoSmall airport
SCALValchac AirportPunta Arenas FIRCochraneSmall airport
SCAMAlempue AirportSantiago FIRTenoSmall airport
SCANSan Rafael AirportLOBSantiago FIRLos AndesSmall airport
SCAOPalo Alto AirportSantiago FIRLololSmall airport
SCAPAlto Palena AirportWAPPuerto Montt FIRAlto PalenaSmall airport
SCAQArquilhué AirportPuerto Montt FIRLago RancoSmall airport
SCASCabo 1° Juan Román AirportWPAPuerto Montt FIRPuerto AysenSmall airport
SCAUJuan Enrique AirportSantiago FIRPaineSmall airport
SCAYAyacara AirportPuerto Montt FIRAyacaraSmall airport
SCAZAzopardo AirportPunta Arenas FIRTimaukelSmall airport
SCBBDel Bío Bío AirportSantiago FIRNegreteSmall airport
SCBCCacique Blanco AirportPuerto Montt FIRLago VerdeSmall airport
SCBDEl Boldal AirportSantiago FIRSanta CruzClosed
SCBEBarriles AirportTOQAntofagasta FIRTocopillaMidsized airport
SCBIPampa Guanaco AirportDPBPunta Arenas FIRBahia InutilSmall airport
SCBLEl Porvenir AirportSantiago FIRSmall airport
SCBNCotreumo AirportPuerto Montt FIRRio BuenoSmall airport
SCBQEl Bosque AirportSantiago FIRSantiagoSmall airport
SCBRLago Brown AirportPunta Arenas FIRLago BrownSmall airport
SCBSPosesión AirportPunta Arenas FIRBahia PosesionSmall airport
SCBTRincón Bonito AirportPuerto Montt FIRCochamoSmall airport
SCBUEl Baúl AirstripSantiago FIRMolinaSmall airport
SCBVBellavista AirportSantiago FIRRio ClaroSmall airport
SCCAEl Boldo AirportSantiago FIRCauquenesSmall airport
SCCBPedro Villarroel C. AirportSantiago FIRCombarbalaSmall airport
SCCCChile Chico AirportCCHPuerto Montt FIRChile ChicoMidsized airport
SCCEEl Arenal AirportSantiago FIRCauquenesSmall airport
SCCGLa Pelícana AirportSantiago FIRCombarbalaSmall airport
SCCKContao AirportPuerto Montt FIRContaoSmall airport
SCCLCaldera AirportAntofagasta FIRCalderaSmall airport
SCCMMolco AirportPuerto Montt FIRChoshuencoSmall airport
SCCNAlto Cauquenes AirportSantiago FIRCauquenesSmall airport
SCCQTambillos AirportCOWSantiago FIRCoquimboSmall airport
SCCREnrique Mayer Soto AirportPunta Arenas FIRCaleta TortelSmall airport
SCCSSanta Rita AirportSantiago FIRCasablancaSmall airport
SCCTQuivolgo AirportSantiago FIRConstitucionSmall airport
SCCULolco AirportSantiago FIRLonquimaySmall airport
SCCVCuracaví AirportSantiago FIRCuracavíSmall airport
SCDDDon Dobri AirportPuerto Montt FIRPuerto VarasSmall airport
SCDGDon Aliro Garcia AirportSantiago FIRSmall airport
SCDHVodudahue AirportPuerto Montt FIRChaitenSmall airport
SCDIPichidangui AirportSantiago FIRPichidanguiSmall airport
SCDKEl Patagual AirportSantiago FIRSmall airport
SCDLEl Algarrobo AirportSantiago FIRCabildoSmall airport
SCDMSan Damian AirportSantiago FIRDuaoSmall airport
SCDQSan Lorenzo AirportSantiago FIRDuquecoSmall airport
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