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Country code CL
Country code (3 digit) CHL
Continent South America
Flight Information Regions
Airports 487
Size 736,363 km2

Airports in Chile

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

SCRRPurrahuín AirportPuerto Montt FIRRio BuenoSmall airport
SCRSEl Rosario AirportSantiago FIRCartagenaSmall airport
SCRTEl Almendro AirportSantiago FIRRetiroSmall airport
SCRURío Murta AirportPuerto Montt FIRRio MurtaSmall airport
SCRVLa Verónica AirportPuerto Montt FIRVilcúnSmall airport
SCRWRucalonco AirportSantiago FIRParedonesSmall airport
SCRZEl Carrizal AirportSantiago FIRMarchigueSmall airport
SCSAAlberto Santos Dumont AirportSantiago FIRTil TilSmall airport
SCSBFranco Bianco AirportSMBPunta Arenas FIRCerro SombreroSmall airport
SCSDSan Fernando AirportSantiago FIRSan FernandoSmall airport
SCSFVíctor Lafón AirportSantiago FIRSan FelipeSmall airport
SCSGSan Gerónimo AirportSantiago FIRAlgarroboSmall airport
SCSHEl Budi AirportPuerto Montt FIRTeodoro SchmidtSmall airport
SCSIEl Salar AirportAntofagasta FIRSalar De AtacamaSmall airport
SCSJSan Javier AirportSantiago FIRSan JavierSmall airport
SCSKColorado AirportSantiago FIRSan ClementeSmall airport
SCSMMinsal AirportAntofagasta FIRSalar De AtacamaSmall airport
SCSOCosta del Sol AirportSantiago FIRLago RapelSmall airport
SCSPEl Sobrante AirportSantiago FIRPetorcaSmall airport
SCSQQuilpe AirportPuerto Montt FIRSan PabloSmall airport
SCSRSegundo Corral Alto AirportPuerto Montt FIRSegundo CorralSmall airport
SCSSSan Sebastián AirportPunta Arenas FIRSan SebastianSmall airport
SCSTGamboa AirportWCAPuerto Montt FIRCastroSmall airport
SCSUSanta Lucía AirportPuerto Montt FIRFreireSmall airport
SCSVViñasutil AirportSantiago FIRPeralilloSmall airport
SCSZPuerto Sanchéz AirportPuerto Montt FIRPuerto SanchezSmall airport
SCTASanta Luisa AirportSantiago FIRSanta BarbaraSmall airport
SCTBEulogio Sánchez AirportSantiago FIRSantiagoSmall airport
SCTCMaquehue AirportPZSPuerto Montt FIRTemucoMidsized airport
SCTGTongoy AirportSantiago FIRTongoySmall airport
SCTHTres Chorrillos AirportPunta Arenas FIRSan GregorioSmall airport
SCTLPanguilemo AirportTLXSantiago FIRTalcaMidsized airport
SCTOVictoria AirportZICSantiago FIRVictoriaMidsized airport
SCTPRío Pascua AirportPunta Arenas FIRTortelSmall airport
SCTQTres Quebradas AirportSantiago FIRAlto Del CarmenSmall airport
SCTRTraiguén AirportSantiago FIRTraiguenSmall airport
SCTSSanta Teresa del Almendral AirportSantiago FIRMelipillaSmall airport
SCTTLas Breas AirportTTCAntofagasta FIRTaltalMidsized airport
SCTULitueche AirportSantiago FIRLituecheSmall airport
SCTWEl Tapihue AirportSantiago FIRCasablancaSmall airport
SCUIPumalín AirportPuerto Montt FIRChaitenSmall airport
SCULEl Litral AirportSantiago FIRBulnesSmall airport
SCUMLa Obra AirportSantiago FIRCumpeoSmall airport
SCUNUni Frutti AirportSantiago FIRTenoClosed
SCUPLontuecito AirportSantiago FIRCumpeoSmall airport
SCURRucamalen AirportSantiago FIRBulnesSmall airport
SCUTVerfrut Sur AirportSantiago FIRLongaviSmall airport
SCUZAerosanta Cruz AirportSantiago FIRSanta CruzSmall airport
SCVAViñamar AirportSantiago FIRCasablancaSmall airport
SCVBHospital Villa Baviera AirportSantiago FIRParralSmall airport
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