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Papua New Guinea

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Country code PG
Country code (3 digit) PNG
Continent Oceania
Flight Information Regions
Airports 537
Size 467,150 km2

Airports in Papua New Guinea

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

AYPYPort Moresby Jacksons International AirportPOMPort Moresby FIR
Port MoresbyLarge airport
ATUAUtai AirstripPort Moresby FIRUtaiSmall airport
AYAQKompiam AirportKPMPort Moresby FIRSmall airport
AYAUArou AirstripPort Moresby FIRArouSmall airport
AYBBBak AirstripPort Moresby FIRBakSmall airport
AYBKBuka AirportBUAPort Moresby FIRBuka IslandMidsized airport
AYBRBiaru AirportBRPPort Moresby FIRBiaruClosed
AYBSBegesin AirstripPort Moresby FIRBegesinSmall airport
AYBTBatri AirstripPort Moresby FIRBatriSmall airport
AYBWBlackwara AirportPort Moresby FIRClosed
AYBXWowobo AirstripPort Moresby FIRWowoboClosed
AYBYWuyabo AirstripPort Moresby FIRWuyaboSmall airport
AYCHChimbu AirportCMUPort Moresby FIRKundiawaMidsized airport
AYDDDobu AirstripPort Moresby FIRDobuSmall airport
AYDKMunduku AirportMDMPort Moresby FIRMundukuSmall airport
AYDLKondobol AirportKPFPort Moresby FIRKondobolSmall airport
AYDNDinangat AirportDNUPort Moresby FIRDinangatSmall airport
AYDODoini AirportDOIPort Moresby FIRCastori IsletsSmall airport
AYDPTsendiap AirstripPort Moresby FIRTsendiapSmall airport
AYDQDimisisi AirstripPort Moresby FIRDimisisiSmall airport
AYDSDusin AirportPort Moresby FIRDusinSmall airport
AYDUDaru AirportDAUPort Moresby FIRDaruMidsized airport
AYDWDewara AirstripPort Moresby FIRDewaraSmall airport
AYDYSindeni AirstripPort Moresby FIRSindeniSmall airport
AYEBEmbessa AirportEMSPort Moresby FIREmbessaSmall airport
AYEDEdwaki AirportXYRPort Moresby FIRYellow River MissionSmall airport
AYEGMengina AirstripPort Moresby FIRMenginaSmall airport
AYEIMilei AirstripPort Moresby FIRMileiSmall airport
AYEKMembok AirstripPort Moresby FIRMembokSmall airport
AYELEliptamin AirportEPTPort Moresby FIREliptaminSmall airport
AYEMEleme AirstripPort Moresby FIRElemeSmall airport
AYENEngati AirstripEGAPort Moresby FIREngatiSmall airport
AYEOEmo River AirstripEMOPort Moresby FIREmo MissionSmall airport
AYERErume AirportERUPort Moresby FIRErumeSmall airport
AYESMeselia AirportMFZPort Moresby FIRDemguluSmall airport
AYEUEloaua AirstripPort Moresby FIREloaua IslandSmall airport
AYEYMirsey AirstripPort Moresby FIRMirseyClosed
AYFEFeramin AirportFRQPort Moresby FIRFeraminSmall airport
AYFKForoko AirstripPort Moresby FIRForokoSmall airport
AYFOFogomaiu AirstripPort Moresby FIRFogomaiuSmall airport
AYFRFrieda River AirportFAQPort Moresby FIRFrieda RiverSmall airport
AYFSFas AirstripPort Moresby FIRFugariSmall airport
AYFUFuma AirportFUMPort Moresby FIRFumaSmall airport
AYFWKwieftim AirstripPort Moresby FIRKwieftimSmall airport
AYGAGoroka AirportGKAPort Moresby FIRGoronkaMidsized airport
AYGDGimi AirstripPort Moresby FIRAmusaSmall airport
AYGEGeigorobi AirstripPort Moresby FIRGeigorobiSmall airport
AYGFGuari AirportGUGPort Moresby FIRGuariSmall airport
AYGGGarasa AirportGRLPort Moresby FIRAuSmall airport
AYGHGuhu AirstripPort Moresby FIRGuhuSmall airport
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