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Country code BW
Country code (3 digit) BWA
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 126
Size 580,515 km2

Airports in Botswana

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

FBNTNata AirportGaborone FIRNataSmall airport
FBNWNtswi AirportGaborone FIRGaborone NotwaneSmall airport
FBNXNxamaseri AirportGaborone FIRNxamaseri LodgeSmall airport
FBODOakdene AirportGaborone FIROakdeneSmall airport
FBOKOkwa AirportGaborone FIROkwaSmall airport
FBOMOmdop AirportGaborone FIRDuba Plains CampSmall airport
FBOROrapa AirportORPGaborone FIROrapaSmall airport
FBPAPandamatenga AirportGaborone FIRPandamatengaSmall airport
FBPYPalapye AirportQPHGaborone FIRPalapyeSmall airport
FBSISaile AirportGaborone FIRSaileSmall airport
FBSLSelinda AirportGaborone FIRSelindaSmall airport
FBSNSua Pan AirportSXNGaborone FIRSowaMidsized airport
FBSPSelebi Phikwe AirportPKWGaborone FIRMidsized airport
FBSVSavuti AirportSVTGaborone FIRSavutiSmall airport
FBSWShakawe AirportSWXGaborone FIRShakaweSmall airport
FBTHTsodilo Hills AirportGaborone FIRTsodiloSmall airport
FBTLLimpopo Valley AirportTLDGaborone FIRTuli LodgeSmall airport
FBTNTonunga AirportGaborone FIRTonungaSmall airport
FBTPThebephatshwa AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
FBTSTshabong AirportTBYGaborone FIRTshabongSmall airport
FBVMVumbura AirportGaborone FIRVumburaSmall airport
FBXAXai Xai AirportGaborone FIRXaxaSmall airport
FBXBXaxaba AirportGaborone FIRXaxabaSmall airport
FBXGXugana AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
FBXIXigera AirportGaborone FIRXigeraSmall airport
FBXRXorogom AirportGaborone FIRXorogomSmall airport
FYBTBuiteposGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0062Gaborone Notwane AirportGaborone FIRGaboroneClosed
FBMLMolepolole AirportGaborone FIRMolepololeSmall airport
FBMMMakalamabedi AirportGaborone FIRClosed
FBNNNokaneng AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
FBRKRakops AirportGaborone FIRRakopsClosed
FBSRSerowe AirportGaborone FIRSeroweClosed
FBTETshane AirportGaborone FIRLehututuClosed
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