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Country code BW
Country code (3 digit) BWA
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 126
Size 580,515 km2

Airports in Botswana

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

BW-0051Central Kalahari AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0052Nxai Pan AirstripGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0053Mmashoro AirportGaborone FIRMmashoroSmall airport
BW-0054Xudum AirportGaborone FIRXudumSmall airport
BW-0055Seba AirportGaborone FIRSebaSmall airport
BW-0056Karowe AirstripGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0057Banoka AirstripGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0058Gorokwe AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
HUKHukuntsi AirportHUKGaborone FIRHukuntsiSmall airport
BW-0061Nokaneng AirportGaborone FIRNokanengSmall airport
FBABAbu AirportGaborone FIRAbu's CampSmall airport
FBALAlpha AirfieldGaborone FIRLobatseSmall airport
FBBPBottle Pan AirportGaborone FIRBottle PanSmall airport
FBBSBokspits AirportGaborone FIRBokspitsSmall airport
FBCHChobe AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
FBCMCement AirportGaborone FIRCementSmall airport
FBCOCamp Okavango AirportGaborone FIRCamp OkavangoSmall airport
FBDTDelta Camp AirportGaborone FIRDelta CampSmall airport
FBDVDeception Valley AirportGaborone FIRDeception Valley LodgeSmall airport
FBFTP G Matante IntlFRWGaborone FIRFrancistownMidsized airport
FBGDGundingwa AirportGaborone FIRGudigwaSmall airport
FBGHGoodhope AirportGaborone FIRGoodhopeSmall airport
FBGMGumare AirportGaborone FIRGumareSmall airport
FBGPGope AirportGaborone FIRGopeSmall airport
FBGSGrassland AirportGaborone FIRGrassland LodgeSmall airport
FBGUGuma AirportGaborone FIRGumaSmall airport
FBGWGweta AirportGaborone FIRGwetaSmall airport
FBGYGrundy's AirportGaborone FIRGrundy's LodgeSmall airport
FBGZGhanzi AirportGNZGaborone FIRGhanziSmall airport
FBHUHunda AirportGaborone FIRTubu Tree CampSmall airport
FBHVHaina Ventures AirportGaborone FIRHaina Kalahari LodgeSmall airport
FBJAJao AirportGaborone FIRJao CampSmall airport
FBJCTsigaro AirportGaborone FIRJack's CampSmall airport
FBJWJwaneng AirportJWAGaborone FIRMidsized airport
FBKAKaa AirportGaborone FIRKaaSmall airport
FBKDKwando - Lagoon AirportGaborone FIRLagoon CampSmall airport
FBKGKang AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
FBKIKiri AirportGaborone FIRKiri CampSmall airport
FBKKKanana AirportGaborone FIRKanana CampSmall airport
FBKPKings Pool AirportGaborone FIRKings PoolSmall airport
FBKRKhwai River Lodge AirportKHWGaborone FIRKhwai River LodgeSmall airport
FBKWKwando - Lebala AirportGaborone FIRLebala CampSmall airport
FBKYKanye AirportGaborone FIRKanyeSmall airport
FBLLLimpopo-Lipadi AirportGaborone FIRLimpopo-LipadiSmall airport
FBLOLobatse AirportLOQGaborone FIRLobatseSmall airport
FBLTLetlhakaneGaborone FIRUnknown
FBMGMachaneng AirportGaborone FIRMachanengSmall airport
FBMPMahalapyeGaborone FIRUnknown
FBMUMamuno AirportGaborone FIRMamunoSmall airport
FBNBNxabega AirportGaborone FIRNxabegaSmall airport
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