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Country code BW
Country code (3 digit) BWA
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 126
Size 580,515 km2

Airports in Botswana

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

FBPMPg MatanteGaborone FIR
FrancistownLarge airport
BW-0001Khuis AirportGaborone FIRTwo RiversSmall airport
BW-0002Motopi AirportGaborone FIRMotopiSmall airport
BW-0003Seronga AirportGaborone FIRSerongaSmall airport
BW-0004Linyanti AirportGaborone FIRLinyantiSmall airport
BW-0005Serondela AirportGaborone FIRSerondelaSmall airport
BW-0006Pom Pom AirportGaborone FIRPom Pom CampSmall airport
BW-0007Santawani AirportGaborone FIRSantawani LodgeSmall airport
BW-0008Tsau AirportGaborone FIRTsauSmall airport
BW-0009Riverside North AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0011Oxford AirportGaborone FIROxfordSmall airport
BW-0012Xade AirstripGaborone FIRXadeSmall airport
BW-0013Ghaghoo Mine AirportGaborone FIRGopeSmall airport
BW-0014Chandia AirstripGaborone FIRChandiaSmall airport
BW-0015Kgoro Pan AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0016Khutse AirportGaborone FIRKhutseSmall airport
BW-0017Khwai North AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0018Ncamasere AirportGaborone FIRNcamasereSmall airport
BW-0019Etsha AirportGaborone FIREtshaSmall airport
BW-0021Arizona AirportGaborone FIRArizona FarmSmall airport
BW-0022Big Game AirportGaborone FIRBig GameSmall airport
BW-0023Sunny Side AirportGaborone FIRSunny SideSmall airport
BW-0024Kwalata AirportGaborone FIRKwalata RanchSmall airport
BW-0025Jwala AirportGaborone FIRJwalaSmall airport
BW-0026Kgwedi AirportGaborone FIRKgwediSmall airport
BW-0027Chief's Island AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0028Chief's Camp AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0029Mombo Camp AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0030Chitabe AirstripGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0032Xakanaxa AirportGaborone FIRXakanaxaSmall airport
BW-0033Kwara Camp AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0034Shindi Lodge AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0035New Xade AirportGaborone FIRNew XadeSmall airport
BW-0036Matsieng AirstripGaborone FIRRasesaSmall airport
BW-0037Ncojane AirportGaborone FIRNcojaneSmall airport
BW-0038Rann AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0039Sanctuary Stanley AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0040Ketumetse AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0041Mapula AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0042Nxabega Safari AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0043Masame AirportGaborone FIRMasameSmall airport
BW-0044Elephant Sands AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0045Xhumaga AirportGaborone FIRXhumagaSmall airport
BW-0046Xamaxai AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0047Kanana Farm AirportGaborone FIRKanana FarmSmall airport
BW-0048Selinda Old AirportGaborone FIRSelindaSmall airport
BW-0049Jackalas 1 AirportGaborone FIRJackalas 1Small airport
BW-0051Central Kalahari AirportGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0052Nxai Pan AirstripGaborone FIRSmall airport
BW-0053Mmashoro AirportGaborone FIRMmashoroSmall airport
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