Fresno Yosemite International Airport

KFAT · California, United States

About Fresno Yosemite International Airport

Type Large airport
Open since June 1942
Coordinates (ARP) 36.77656, -119.71883   364636N 1194308W
Variation 12.3° E (2024)
Timezone Los_Angeles (-8 h)
Local time Feb 22, 2024 19:00
Fuel types
100 Grade 100 gasoline (Green)
A Jet A, Kerosene (-40°C)
A++ Jet A, Kerosene + FS-II, CI/LI, SDA (-40°C)
Usage Public (Joint use)
Operations (annual) 92,361 (February 28, 2022)
Based aircraft 187
Airport status Operational
Source FAA (Effective date February 22, 2024)


ID True Heading Magnetic Heading Length Width Surface Latitude Longitude
11L 125° 112° 9,537 ft 151 ft Asphalt 36.7840 -119.7301
29R 305° 292° 36.7688 -119.7035
11R 125° 112° 8,009 ft 151 ft Asphalt 36.7831 -119.7324
29L 305° 292° 36.7703 -119.7101

Do not use for flight planning
The airport may be closed or require prior permission. Magnetic headings are calculated from true headings using the WMM 2020 model.

More information

Fresno Yosemite International Airport

Fresno Yosemite International Airport is a large airport in California, United States. The airport is located at latitude 36.77656 and longitude -119.71904. The airport has 2 runways: 11L/29R and 11R/29L. The ICAO airport code of this field is KFAT. The local airport ID (FAA LID) of this airport is FAT. The airport's IATA code is FAT. Nearby other airfields are Fresno Chandler Executive Airport, Sierra Sky Park Airport, Pom Wonderful Airstrip Airport, Selma Airport and Quinn Airport.

Fresno Yosemite International Airport publishes a METAR. The flight information region (FIR) is Oakland.

Fresno Yosemite International Airport is in the timezone of America/Los_Angeles. Difference with UTC is -8 h. Today the sun rises at 06:37 and sets at 17:46. This applies to Fresno Yosemite International Airport, the universal daylight period may be different. The difference between the local time and UTC is -8 hour. Currently, there is no daylight saving time in effect.

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Nearby airports

Airport ID Distance Direction
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Rogers Helicopters Inc. Heliport US-0753 3.8 NM 040°
St. Agnes Medical Center Heliport US-0828 4.2 NM 328°
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Navigational aids

Name Ident Type Distance Direction
Chandler FCH NDB 6.4 NM 240°
Clovis CZQ VORTAC 7.9 NM 324°

More runway information


ID Surface condition Surface treatment PCN
Pavement Classification Number
Runway Lights Edge Intensity
11L Good Saw-cut or plastic grooved 75/F/A/X/T High
11R Good Saw-cut or plastic grooved 44/F/A/X/T Medium

Weight Bearing Capacity

ID Single wheel Double wheel Double tandem Dual double tandem
11L 70,000 lbs 170,000 lbs 250,000 lbs
11R 70,000 lbs 170,000 lbs 250,000 lbs

Declared distances

Takeoff Run Available
Takeoff Distance Available
Accelerated Stop Distance Available
Landing Distance Available
Displaced Threshold
11L 9,537 ft 9,537 ft 9,278 ft 9,278 ft
29R 9,537 ft 9,537 ft 9,537 ft 9,226 ft 312 ft
11R 8,009 ft 8,009 ft 8,009 ft 8,009 ft
29L 8,009 ft 8,009 ft 8,009 ft 8,009 ft


ID End Elevation Threshold Crossing Height Visual Glide Path Angle Touchdown Zone Elevation Displaced Threshold
11L 333 ft 50 ft 3.0° 102 ft
29R 332 ft 76 ft 3.0° 100 ft 332 ft
11R 330 ft 100 ft
29L 330 ft 50 ft 3.0° 100 ft

Obstruction data

ID Controlling Object
Controlling Object
CFR Part 77 Controlling Object
Clearance slope
Controlling Object
Height (AGL)
Controlling Object
Distance Threshold
Controlling Object
Centerline offset
Controlling Object
11L TREE D 8 67 ft 755 ft 2,559 ft Left
29R ROAD Lighted Precision Instrument 34 16 ft 751 ft 1,903 ft Right
11R D 50
29L D 20

Lights and markings

ID Runway Markings
Runway Markings
Approach Light System Runway End Identifier Lights Centerline Lights Touchdown Lights Visual Glide Slope Indicators
11L Precision Instrument Good Yes Yes No P4L
29R Precision Instrument Good ALSF2 No Yes Yes P4L
11R Precision Instrument Good Yes No No
29L Precision Instrument Poor No No P4L

Other information

ID ILS type Pattern Runway Visual Range
Runway Visibility Value
11L LOC/DME Left hand
967 ft
Touchdown, Midfield, Rollout Yes
29R ILS/DME Right hand
967 ft
Touchdown, Midfield, Rollout Yes
11R Right hand
967 ft
29L Left hand
967 ft