Noord Nederlandse Zweefvliegclub

NL-0036 · Groningen, Netherlands

About Noord Nederlandse Zweefvliegclub

ID NL-0036
FIR Amsterdam FIR
Region Groningen
Country Netherlands
Runways 9/27
Type Gliderfield
Coordinates (ARP) 53.08444, 6.82361   530504N 0064925E
Coordinates (Center) 53.08443, 6.82332   530504N 0064924E
Variation 3.1° E (2024)
Timezone Amsterdam (+2 h)
Local time Apr 19, 2024 20:26

Noord Nederlandse Zweefvliegclub

Noord Nederlandse Zweefvliegclub is a gliderfield in Groningen, Netherlands. The airport is located at latitude 53.08443 and longitude 6.82332. The airport has one runway: 9/27. This airport has no ICAO code, we use NL-0036 as reference. Nearby other airfields are Stadskanaal Airfield, Groningen Airport Eelde, Oostwold Airport, Flugplatz Dankern and Emden Airport.

Noord Nederlandse Zweefvliegclub does not publish a METAR, the nearest weather station is Groningen Airport Eelde, which is 17 km away. The flight information region (FIR) is Amsterdam.

Noord Nederlandse Zweefvliegclub is in the timezone of Europe/Amsterdam. Difference with UTC is +2 h. Today the sun rises at 06:23 and sets at 20:40. This applies to Noord Nederlandse Zweefvliegclub, the universal daylight period may be different. The difference between the local time and UTC is +2 hour. Daylight saving time is currently in progress.

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On this airport you can find flying clubs. The only known company on this field is Noord Nederlandse Zweefvliegclub.


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Do not use for flight planning
The airport may be closed or require prior permission. True headings and the coordinates of runway ends may be an estimation. Magnetic headings are calculated from true headings using the WMM 2020 model.


ID True Heading Magnetic Heading Latitude Longitude Approx. length
9 093° 089° 53.0842 6.8316 1,113 m
27 273° 269° 53.0847 6.815

Do not use for flight planning.
True headings and the coordinates of runway ends may be an estimation. Runway lengths are calculated as the distance between the coordinates of the runway ends. Magnetic headings are calculated from true headings using the WMM 2020 model.

Nearby airports

Airport ID Distance Direction
Stadskanaal Airfield EHST 17 km 126°
Groningen Airport Eelde EHGG 17 km 282°
Oostwold Airport EHOW 20 km 045°
Universitair Medisch Centrum Heliport NL-0006 22 km 312°
TT Circuit Assen Helipad NL-0048 24 km 235°
Heli Holland Heliport NL-0032 33 km 163°
Alte Ems Airfield DE-0095 33 km 100°
Papenburg Marienkrankenhaus DE-0895 38 km 091°
Flugplatz Dankern DE-0195 39 km 144°

Navigational aids

Name Ident Type Distance Direction
Stadskanaal STK NDB 11 km 153°
Eelde EEL VOR-DME 14 km 310°
Eelde SO NDB 15 km 350°
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