Pociūnai Airfield

EYPR · Kaunas, Lithuania

About Pociūnai Airfield

FIR Vilnius FIR
Region Kaunas
Country Lithuania
Runways 9/27
Type Small airport
Coordinates (ARP) 54.6494, 24.0619   543858N 0240343E
Coordinates (Center) 54.65125, 24.05926   543904N 0240333E
Variation 8.2° E (2024)
Timezone Vilnius (+3 h)
Local time Apr 22, 2024 08:53


ID True Heading Magnetic Heading Length Width Surface Latitude Longitude
4 048° 039° 667 m 18 m Concrete 54.6508 24.0650
22 228° 219° 54.6467 24.0573
18 182° 173° 1,100 m 40 m Grass 54.6472 24.0563
36 002° 353° 54.657 24.0568
9 088° 079° 900 m 40 m Grass 54.6530 24.0683
27 268° 259° 54.6528 24.0519

Do not use for flight planning
The airport may be closed or require prior permission. True headings and the coordinates of runway ends may be an estimation. Magnetic headings are calculated from true headings using the WMM 2020 model.

Pociūnai Airfield

Pociūnai Airfield is a small airport in Kaunas, Lithuania. The airport is located at latitude 54.65125 and longitude 24.05926. The airport has 3 runways: 4/22, 18/36 and 9/27. The ICAO airport code of this field is EYPR. Nearby other airfields are Balbieriškis airstrip, Alytus Airfield, S. Darius and S. Girėnas Airfield, Dievogala Airstrip and Kaunas International Airport.

Pociūnai Airfield does not publish a METAR, the nearest weather station is Kaunas International Airport, which is 35 km away. The flight information region (FIR) is Vilnius.

Pociūnai Airfield is in the timezone of Europe/Vilnius. Difference with UTC is +3 h. Today the sun rises at 06:03 and sets at 20:40. This applies to Pociūnai Airfield, the universal daylight period may be different. The difference between the local time and UTC is +3 hour. Daylight saving time is currently in progress.

Things to do at this airport

Go to Vliegles.nl to find flying lessons, skydives and other flying experiences. Browse the page for all available activities near Pociūnai Airfield. You can also use the search function to find specific flying lessons, skydives or other flying experiences near your place.

On this airport you can find glider flying clubs and skydive centers. Companies on this airport are Kaunas County Gliding Club and Kaunas Skydiving Club.


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Nearby airports

Airport ID Distance Direction
Balbieriškis airstrip LT-0028 19 km 226°
Alytus Airfield EYAL 26 km 180°
S. Darius and S. Girėnas Airfield EYKS 28 km 335°
Dievogala Airstrip LT-0029 30 km 318°
Kaunas International Airport EYKA 35 km 002°
Sasnava Airfield EYMM 39 km 272°
Rukla EYRU 44 km 025°
Rūdiškės Airfield EYRD 46 km 111°
Keturvalakiai Airstrip LT-0015 59 km 261°

Navigational aids

No navigational aids found in the vicinity of Pociūnai Airfield.
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