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Country code LT
Country code (3 digit) LTU
Continent Europe
Flight Information Regions
Airports 63
Size 64,641 km2

Airports in Lithuania

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

EYKAKaunas International AirportKUNVilnius FIR
KaunasMidsized airport
EYPAPalanga International AirportPLQVilnius FIR
PalangaMidsized airport
EYSAŠiauliai International AirportSQQVilnius FIR
ŠiauliaiMidsized airport
EYVIVilnius International AirportVNOVilnius FIR
VilniusLarge airport
EYALAlytus AirfieldVilnius FIRAlytusSmall airport
EYBIBiržai AirfieldVilnius FIRBiržaiSmall airport
EYDRDruskininkai AirfieldVilnius FIRDruskininkaiSmall airport
EYIGIgnalinaVilnius FIRSmall airport
EYJBJurbarkas AerodromasVilnius FIRJurbarkasSmall airport
EYKDKėdainiai Air BaseVilnius FIRKėdainiaiMidsized airport
EYKLKlaipėda AirfieldVilnius FIRKlaipėdaSmall airport
EYKSS. Darius and S. Girėnas AirfieldVilnius FIRKaunasSmall airport
EYKTKartena AirfieldVilnius FIRKartenaSmall airport
EYLNValenčiūnai AirfieldVilnius FIRValenčiūnaiSmall airport
EYMATirkšliai AirfieldVilnius FIRTirkšliai / MažeikiaiSmall airport
EYMMSasnava AirfieldVilnius FIRSasnavaSmall airport
EYMOMolėtai AirfieldVilnius FIRMolėtaiSmall airport
EYNAAkmenė AirfieldVilnius FIRAkmenėSmall airport
EYNDNida AirfieldVilnius FIRNidaSmall airport
EYNENemirseta HeliportVilnius FIRNemirsetaHeliport
EYNINidaVilnius FIRSmall airport
EYPHPaluknys Heli BaseVilnius FIRHeliport
EYPIPanevėžys Istra AirfieldVilnius FIRPanevėžys / IstraSmall airport
EYPNPanevėžys AirfieldVilnius FIRPanevėžysSmall airport
EYPPPanevėžys Air BasePNVVilnius FIRPanevėžysMidsized airport
EYPRPociūnai AirfieldVilnius FIRPociūnaiSmall airport
EYRDRūdiškės AirfieldVilnius FIRRūdiškėsSmall airport
EYRKRokiškio aerodromasVilnius FIRRokiškisSmall airport
EYRORojūnai AirfieldVilnius FIRRojūnaiSmall airport
EYSBBarysiai AirfieldVilnius FIRŠiauliaiMidsized airport
EYSEŠeduva AirfieldVilnius FIRŠeduva / ŠiauliaiSmall airport
EYSIŠilute Air BaseVilnius FIRŠiluteSmall airport
EYTLTelšiai AirfieldVilnius FIRTelšiaiSmall airport
EYTRTauragėVilnius FIRSmall airport
EYUTUtena AirfieldVilnius FIRUtenaSmall airport
EYVKKyviškes AirfieldVilnius FIRKyviškesSmall airport
EYVPPaluknys AirfieldVilnius FIRPaluknysSmall airport
EYZAZarasai AirfieldVilnius FIRZarasaiSmall airport
LT-0003Trakėnai AirstripVilnius FIRSmall airport
LT-0004Kupiškio aerodromasVilnius FIRKupiškisSmall airport
LT-0005Pečiulių aerodromasVilnius FIRPečiuliaiSmall airport
LT-0007Ličiūnai AirstripVilnius FIRLičiūnaiSmall airport
LT-0008Vilkaviškis AirfieldVilnius FIRSmall airport
LT-0009Naukaimio aerodromasVilnius FIRNaukaimisSmall airport
LT-0010Griškabūdis AirstripVilnius FIRBliuviškiaiSmall airport
LT-0011Slikiai AirstripVilnius FIRSmall airport
LT-0014Kalno aerodromasVilnius FIRKalnasSmall airport
LT-0015Keturvalakiai AirstripVilnius FIRSmall airport
LT-0016Kirkliai AirstripVilnius FIRSmall airport
LT-0017Gėluvos AirstripVilnius FIRSmall airport
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