Texel International Airport

EHTX · North Holland, The Netherlands

About Texel International Airport

  • 3/21  (036°/216°)
  • 12/30  (124°/304°)
Type Small airport




De Koog

Subregion Gemeente Texel
Region North Holland
Country The Netherlands
Timezone Amsterdam (+1 h)
Coordinates 53.1153, 4.83361
Local time Nov 29, 2022 23:16

Texel International Airport is a small airport in Gemeente Texel, North Holland, The Netherlands. The airport has 2 runways: 3/21 and 12/30. The ICAO designator of this field is EHTX. Nearby other airfields are De Kooy Airfield, Vlieland Heliport, HOORN-A, L9-FF-1 and Leeuwarden Air Base.

Texel International Airport does not publish a METAR, the nearest weather station is De Kooy Airfield, which is 22 km away. The flight information region (FIR) is Amsterdam ACC.

Texel International Airport is in the timezone of Europe/Amsterdam. Difference with UTC is +1 h. Today the sun rises at 08:28 and sets at 16:29. This applies to Texel International Airport, the universal daylight period may be different. The difference between the local time and UTC is +1 hour. Currently, there is no daylight saving time in effect.

You can make a tandem skydive with an experienced instructor at this airport. These skydives include a free fall. The cost of a skydive at Texel International Airport is € 199. Make your reservation for Skydive Texel here.

On this airport you can find skydive centers and flying schools. Companies on this airport are Vliegles.nl, Paracentrum Texel, Zweefvliegclub Texel and Tessel Air.

Nearby airports

ICAO Name Distance Type City Country
EHKD De Kooy Airfield 22 km Midsized airport Breezand NL
EHVL Vlieland Heliport 26 km Heliport Oost-Vlieland NL
EHQE HOORN-A 50 km Heliport Den Helder NL
EHMG L9-FF-1 56 km Heliport West-Terschelling NL
EHLW Leeuwarden Air Base 63 km Midsized airport Westeinde NL
EHAL Ameland Airport Ballum 68 km Small airport Hollum NL
EHKV K14-FA-1C 82 km Heliport De Koog NL
EHMA AWG-1 85 km Heliport Nes NL
EHLE Lelystad Airport 86 km Midsized airport Lelystad NL
EHDR Drachten Airfield 86 km Small airport Drachten NL

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