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Solomon Islands

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Country code SB
Country code (3 digit) SLB
Continent Oceania
Flight Information Regions
Airports 35
Size 27,312 km2

Airports in Solomon Islands

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

AGGHHoniara International AirportHIRHoniara FIR
HoniaraLarge airport
AGAFAfutara AerodromeAFTHoniara FIRBilaSmall airport
AGARUlawa AirportRNAHoniara FIRAronaSmall airport
AGATUru Harbour AirportATDHoniara FIRAtoifiSmall airport
AGBABarakoma AirportVEVHoniara FIRBarakomaSmall airport
AGEVGeva AirportGEFHoniara FIRLiangiaSmall airport
AGGAGwaunaru'u AirportAKSHoniara FIRAukiSmall airport
AGGBBellona/Anua AirportBNYHoniara FIRAnuaSmall airport
AGGCChoiseul Bay AirportCHYHoniara FIRSmall airport
AGGEBallalae AirportBASHoniara FIRBallalaeSmall airport
AGGFFera/Maringe AirportFREHoniara FIRFera IslandSmall airport
AGGIBabanakira AirportMBUHoniara FIRMbambanakiraSmall airport
AGGJAvu Avu AirportAVUHoniara FIRSmall airport
AGGKNgorangora AirportIRAHoniara FIRKirakiraSmall airport
AGGLSanta Cruz/Graciosa Bay/Luova AirportSCZHoniara FIRSanta Cruz/Graciosa Bay/LuovaSmall airport
AGGMMunda AirportMUAHoniara FIRMidsized airport
AGGNNusatupe AirportGZOHoniara FIRGizoSmall airport
AGGOMono AirportMNYHoniara FIRStirling IslandSmall airport
AGGPParasi AirportPRSHoniara FIRParasiSmall airport
AGGRRennell/Tingoa AirportRNLHoniara FIRRennell IslandSmall airport
AGGSSege AirportEGMHoniara FIRSegeSmall airport
AGGTSanta Ana AirportNNBHoniara FIRSanta Ana IslandSmall airport
AGGUMarau AirportRUSHoniara FIRMarauSmall airport
AGGVSuavanao AirportVAOHoniara FIRSuavanaoSmall airport
AGGYYandina AirportXYAHoniara FIRYandinaSmall airport
AGKGKaghau AirportKGEHoniara FIRKagau IslandSmall airport
AGKUKukudu AirportKUEHoniara FIRKolombangara IslandSmall airport
AGKWKwailabesi AirportKWSHoniara FIRKwailabesiClosed
AGNANana AirportNAZHoniara FIRStar HarborSmall airport
AGOKGatokae AerodromeGTAHoniara FIRSmall airport
AGRCRingi Cove AirportRINHoniara FIRRingi CoveSmall airport
AGRMRamata AirportRBVHoniara FIRRamataSmall airport
AGTITulaghi HeliportTLGHoniara FIRTulaghi IslandHeliport
BPFBatuna AerodromeBPFHoniara FIRBatuna Mission StationSmall airport
VIUViru Harbour AirstripVIUHoniara FIRViruClosed
SB-0003Gatokae AirportHoniara FIRSmall airport
SB-0004Viru Harbour AirstripHoniara FIRSmall airport
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