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Country code SC
Country code (3 digit) SYC
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 23
Size 438 km2

Airports in Seychelles

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FSIASeychelles International AirportSEZSeychelles FIR
Mahe IslandLarge airport
FSALAlphonse AirportSeychelles FIRAlphonse IslandSmall airport
FSASAssumption Island AirportSeychelles FIRAssumption IslandSmall airport
FSDADarros AirportSeychelles FIRDarros IslandSmall airport
FSDRDesroches AirportDESSeychelles FIRDesroches IslandSmall airport
FSFAFarquhar AirportAntananarivo FIRFarquhar GroupSmall airport
FSMAMarie-Louise AirportSeychelles FIRMarie-Louise IslandSmall airport
FSPLPlatte AirportSeychelles FIRPlatte IslandSmall airport
FSPPPraslin AirportPRISeychelles FIRPraslin IslandMidsized airport
FSSAAstove Island AirportAntananarivo FIRAstove IslandSmall airport
FSSBBird Island AirportBDISeychelles FIRBird IslandSmall airport
FSSCCoetivy AirportSeychelles FIRCoetivy IslandSmall airport
FSSDDenis Island AirportDEISeychelles FIRDenis IslandSmall airport
FSSFFrégate Island AirportFRKSeychelles FIRFrégate IslandSmall airport
FSSRRemire Island AirportSeychelles FIRRemire IslandSmall airport
FSSSSeychelles International Airport Rawinsonde StationSeychelles FIRUnknown
SC-0001Silhouette HeliportSeychelles FIRHeliport
SC-0002North Island HeliportSeychelles FIRHeliport
SC-0003Sainte Anne HelipadSeychelles FIRHeliport
SC-0004Frégate Island HeliportSeychelles FIRHeliport
SC-0005La Digue HeliportSeychelles FIRHeliport
SC-0006Port Glaud HelipadSeychelles FIRHeliport
SC-0007Poivre AirportSeychelles FIRSmall airport
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