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Country code PK
Country code (3 digit) PAK
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 162
Size 873,936 km2

Airports in Pakistan

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

OPFAFaisalabad International AirportLYPLahore FIR
FaisalabadMidsized airport
OPISIslamabad International AirportISBLahore FIR
IslamabadLarge airport
OPKCJinnah International AirportKHIKarachi FIR
KarachiLarge airport
OPLAAllama Iqbal International AirportLHELahore FIR
LahoreLarge airport
OPMTMultan International AirportMUXLahore FIR
MultanMidsized airport
OPPSPeshawar International AirportPEWLahore FIR
PeshawarMidsized airport
OPSKSukkur AirportSKZKarachi FIR
Mirpur KhasMidsized airport
OPSTSialkot International AirportSKTLahore FIR
SialkotMidsized airport
OPBGBhagatanwala AirportBHWLahore FIRBhagatanwalaSmall airport
OPBLBela AirportKarachi FIRKhan BelaClosed
OPBNBannu AirportBNPLahore FIRBannuSmall airport
OPBRBahawalnagar AirportWGBKarachi FIRBahawalnagarSmall airport
OPBWBahawalpur AirportBHVKarachi FIRBahawalpurMidsized airport
OPCHChitral AirportCJLLahore FIRChitralMidsized airport
OPCLChilas AirportCHBLahore FIRChilasSmall airport
OPCTChirat AirportLahore FIRNowsheraSmall airport
OPDBDalbandin AirportDBAKarachi FIRDalbandinSmall airport
OPDDDadu AirportDDUKarachi FIRDaduSmall airport
OPDGDera Ghazi Khan AirportDEAKarachi FIRDera Ghazi KhanMidsized airport
OPDIDera Ismael Khan AirportDSKLahore FIRDera Ismael KhanMidsized airport
OPDKDaharki AirportKarachi FIRDaharkiSmall airport
OPGDGwadar International AirportGWDKarachi FIRGwadarMidsized airport
OPGTGilgit AirportGILLahore FIRGilgitMidsized airport
OPJAShahbaz Air BaseJAGKarachi FIRJacobabadMidsized airport
OPJIJiwani AirportJIWKarachi FIRJiwaniSmall airport
OPKACape Monz AirportKarachi FIRCape MonzSmall airport
OPKDHyderabad AirportHDDKarachi FIRHyderabadSmall airport
OPKEChore AirportKarachi FIRChoreSmall airport
OPKFGharo AirportKarachi FIRGharoSmall airport
OPKHKhuzdar AirportKDDKarachi FIRKhuzdarSmall airport
OPKTKohat AirportOHTLahore FIRKohatSmall airport
OPLHWalton AirportLahore FIRWaltonMidsized airport
OPLLLoralai AirportLRGLahore FIRLoralaiSmall airport
OPMAMangla AirportXJMLahore FIRManglaMidsized airport
OPMFMuzaffarabad AirportMFGLahore FIRMuzaffarabadMidsized airport
OPMIMianwali Air BaseMWDLahore FIRMianwaliMidsized airport
OPMJMoenjodaro AirportMJDKarachi FIRMoenjodaroMidsized airport
OPMKMirpur Khas Air BaseKarachi FIRMirpur KhasSmall airport
OPMNMiram Shah AirportLahore FIRMiram ShahSmall airport
OPMPSindhri Tharparkar AirportMPDKarachi FIRSindhriSmall airport
OPMRMasroor Air BaseKarachi FIRKarachiMidsized airport
OPMSMinhas Air BaseATGLahore FIRKamraMidsized airport
OPNHShaheed Benazirabad AirportWNSKarachi FIRNawabashahMidsized airport
OPOKOkara Cantonment AirstripLahore FIROkaraSmall airport
OPOROrmara AirportORWKarachi FIROrmara RaikSmall airport
OPPCParachinar AirportPAJLahore FIRParachinarSmall airport
OPPGPanjgur AirportPJGKarachi FIRPanjgurMidsized airport
OPPIPasni AirportPSIKarachi FIRPasniMidsized airport
OPPNPishin AirportLahore FIRPishinSmall airport
OPQSDhamial Army AirbaseLahore FIRQasimSmall airport
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