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Country code OM
Country code (3 digit) OMN
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 58
Size 312,097 km2

Airports in Oman

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OODQDuqmMuscat FIR
OOKBKhasab AirportKHSMuscat FIR
KhasabMidsized airport
OOMSMuscat International AirportMCTMuscat FIR
MuscatLarge airport
OOSASalalah AirportSLLMuscat FIR
SalalahMidsized airport
OOSHSohar AirportOHSMuscat FIR
SoharSmall airport
OM-0001Dibba AirportBYBMuscat FIRDibba Al-BayaSmall airport
OM-0002Adam AirportAOMMuscat FIRAdamSmall airport
OM-0003Duqm International AirportDQMMuscat FIRDuqmLarge airport
OM-0004Mussanah AirportMNHMuscat FIRAl Masna'ahMidsized airport
OM-0005Armed Forces Beach Club HelipadMuscat FIRMuscatHeliport
OM-0007Ras Al Hadd AirportMuscat FIRMidsized airport
OM-0008Madha AirportEmirates FIRSmall airport
OM-0009Oman Flying Club AirportMuscat FIRSmall airport
OM-0010Rawdah AirstripMuscat FIRSmall airport
OM-0011Umm al Ghanam AirportMuscat FIRSmall airport
OM-0012Umm al Ghanam HeliportMuscat FIRHeliport
OM-0013Limah AirstripMuscat FIRSmall airport
OM-0014Tibat Border Crossing HeliportEmirates FIRHeliport
OM-0015Wab al Sebil HeliportMuscat FIRHeliport
OM-0016Al Haqt HeliportMuscat FIRHeliport
OM-0017Dibba al Baya Hospital HeliportMuscat FIRHeliport
OM-0018Sur Hospital HeliportMuscat FIRHeliport
OM-0019Masirah Hospital HeliportMuscat FIRHeliport
OM-0020Mursays AirportMuscat FIRSmall airport
OM-0021Al Ashkharah Police HeliportMuscat FIRHeliport
OM-0022Jalan Bani Bu Hassan Police HeliportMuscat FIRHeliport
OM-0023Mudayy AirportMuscat FIRSmall airport
OM-0024Maqshin Police HeliportMuscat FIRHeliport
OM-0025Maqshin AirportMuscat FIRSmall airport
OM-0026Yibal HeliportMuscat FIRHeliport
OM-0027Yibal West AirportMuscat FIRSmall airport
OM-0028Camp Malik bin Fahm HeliportMuscat FIRHeliport
OM-0029Ramlet Khelah Border Post HeliportMuscat FIRHeliport
OM-0030Safah HeliportMuscat FIRHeliport
OM-0031Shafa Army HeliportMuscat FIRHeliport
OM-0032Izki Police Station HeliportMuscat FIRHeliport
OM-0033Khoula Hospital HeliportMuscat FIRHeliport
BJQBahja AirportBJQMuscat FIRBahjaSmall airport
OO42Manston Air BaseMuscat FIRManstonSmall airport
UKHMukhaizna AirportUKHMuscat FIRMukhaizna Oil FieldSmall airport
OOBRBuraimi AirportRMBEmirates FIRBuraimiSmall airport
OOFDFahud AirportFAUMuscat FIRFahudSmall airport
OOGBQarn Alam AirportRNMMuscat FIRGhabaSmall airport
OOHAHaima AirportMuscat FIRHaimaSmall airport
OOIAIbra AirportMuscat FIRIbraSmall airport
OOIIIbri AirportMuscat FIRSmall airport
OOIZIzki Air BaseMuscat FIRIzkiSmall airport
OOJAJa'Aluni AirportJNJMuscat FIRDuqmSmall airport
OOLKLekhwair AirportLKWMuscat FIRSmall airport
OOMARAFO MasirahMSHMuscat FIRMasirahMidsized airport
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