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North Korea

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Country code KP
Country code (3 digit) PRK
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 104
Size 122,246 km2

Airports in North Korea

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

RKSPPaengnyongdo AbIncheon FIR
KP-0002Haeju AirfieldPyongyang FIRHaejuClosed
KP-0003Yonpo Air BasePyongyang FIRHamhungSmall airport
KP-0004Uiju AirportPyongyang FIRUijuSmall airport
KP-0005T'aet'an-pihaengjang AirportPyongyang FIRTaetanSmall airport
KP-0006Taechon AirportPyongyang FIRTaechonSmall airport
KP-0007Taebukpo Ri AirportPyongyang FIRSmall airport
KP-0009Sinuiju AirportPyongyang FIRSinujuSmall airport
KP-0010Pyong Ni South Highway StripPyongyang FIRPyong NiClosed
KP-0012Kwaksan Air BasePyongyang FIRKwaksanMidsized airport
KP-0013Kuum-ni AirportPyongyang FIRTongchonSmall airport
KP-0014Koksan Highway AirportPyongyang FIRKoksanClosed
KP-0015Koksan Air BasePyongyang FIRKoksanMidsized airport
KP-0016Kilchu Highway AirportPyongyang FIRSmall airport
KP-0017Kangdong AirportPyongyang FIRKangdongSmall airport
KP-0018Kaechon AirportPyongyang FIRKaechonClosed
KP-0019Hyon-ni AirportPyongyang FIRHoeyangClosed
KP-0020Hwangju AirbasePyongyang FIRHwangjuClosed
KP-0021Sinuiju Elite Area HeliportPyongyang FIRSinuijuHeliport
KP-0022Pukchang Air BasePyongyang FIRSunchonMidsized airport
KP-0023Onchon Air BasePyongyang FIROnchonClosed
KP-0024Wong Yo Ri Highway StripPyongyang FIRHwasong-niClosed
KP-0025Toksan Air BasePyongyang FIRTŏksan-dongClosed
KP-0026Pyongyang Elite AirfieldPyongyang FIRPyongyangSmall airport
KP-0027Sinhung Highway StripPyongyang FIRSinhungClosed
KP-0028Sangwon Highway StripPyongyang FIRSangwonClosed
KP-0029Samjiyŏn AirportYJSPyongyang FIRSamjiyŏnClosed
KP-0030Panghyon South Highway StripPyongyang FIRPanghyonClosed
KP-0031Panghyon AirportPyongyang FIRKusongSmall airport
KP-0032Orang (Chongjin) AirportRGOPyongyang FIRHoemun-riMidsized airport
KP-0033Kang Da Ri AirportPyongyang FIRWonsanClosed
KP-0034Ichon AirportPyongyang FIRIchonClosed
KP-0035Hwangsuwon AirbasePyongyang FIRKimhyonggwonMidsized airport
KP-0036Changjin Air Force BasePyongyang FIRChangjinMidsized airport
KP-0037Ayang Ni Highway StripPyongyang FIRClosed
KP-0038Riwon AirbasePyongyang FIRRiwon-gunMidsized airport
KP-0039Kwail Air BasePyongyang FIRKwailMidsized airport
KP-0040Yong Hung Highway AirstripPyongyang FIRPhungsong-riSmall airport
KP-0041Uthachi Highway Strip AirportPyongyang FIRMidsized airport
KP-0042Toha Ri North AirportPyongyang FIRToha RiSmall airport
KP-0043Taechon Northwest AirportPyongyang FIRTaechonClosed
KP-0044Sungam ni AirportPyongyang FIRChongjinSmall airport
KP-0045Sonchon AirportPyongyang FIRSonchonClosed
KP-0046Sohung South AirportPyongyang FIRSohungSmall airport
KP-0047Sinanju Highway StripPyongyang FIRAnjuSmall airport
KP-0048Pyongsul Li AirstripPyongyang FIRPyongsul LiClosed
KP-0049Paegam AirstripPyongyang FIRPaegamSmall airport
KP-0050Ongjin AirportPyongyang FIROngjinSmall airport
KP-0051Okpyong ni Highway Strip AirstripPyongyang FIROkpyong-niClosed
KP-0052Nuchon Ni Highway StripPyongyang FIRNuchon NiClosed
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