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Country code MR
Country code (3 digit) MRT
Continent Africa
Airports 28
Size 1,039,354 km2

Airports in Mauritania

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

GQNONouakchott–Oumtounsy International AirportNKCDakar FIR
NouakchottLarge airport
GQPAAtar International AirportATRDakar FIR
AtarMidsized airport
GQPPNouadhibou International AirportNDBDakar FIR
NouadhibouMidsized airport
GQNAAioun el Atrouss AirportAEODakar FIRAioun El AtroussSmall airport
GQNBBoutilimit AirportOTLDakar FIRBoutilimitSmall airport
GQNCTichitt AirportTHIDakar FIRTichittSmall airport
GQNDTidjikja AirportTIYDakar FIRTidjikjaSmall airport
GQNEAbbaye AirportBGHDakar FIRBogheSmall airport
GQNFKiffa AirportKFADakar FIRKiffaSmall airport
GQNHTimbedra AirportTMDDakar FIRTimbedraSmall airport
GQNINéma AirportEMNDakar FIRNémaSmall airport
GQNJAkjoujt AirportAJJDakar FIRAkjoujtSmall airport
GQNKKaédi AirportKEDDakar FIRKaédiSmall airport
GQNLLetfotar AirportMOMDakar FIRMoudjeriaSmall airport
GQNMDahara AirportDakar FIRTimbredaSmall airport
GQNRRossoDakar FIRUnknown
GQNSSélibaby AirportSEYDakar FIRSélibabySmall airport
GQNTTamchakett AirportTHTDakar FIRTamchakettSmall airport
GQPFFderik AirportFGDDakar FIRFderikSmall airport
GQPZTazadit AirportOUZDakar FIRZouérateSmall airport
MR-0004Twajeel AirportDakar FIRSmall airport
MR-0005Taziazet Mine AirportDakar FIRSmall airport
MR-0006Bassikounou AirportDakar FIRSmall airport
MR-0007Fassala HeliportDakar FIRHeliport
MR-0008Bassikounou HeliportDakar FIRHeliport
MR-0009Rosso AirportDakar FIRSmall airport
MR-0011Bir Moghrein AirportDakar FIRBir MoghreinSmall airport
GQNNNouakchott International AirportDakar FIRDar NaimSmall airport
GQPTBir Moghrein AirportDakar FIRSmall airport
MR-0010Choum HeliportDakar FIRHeliport
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