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Country code LA
Country code (3 digit) LAO
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 21
Size 228,827 km2

Airports in Laos

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

VLVTWattay International AirportVTEVientiane FIR
VientianeMidsized airport
PCQBoun Neau AirportPCQVientiane FIRPhongsalySmall airport
VLAPAttopeu AirportAOUVientiane FIRAttopeuSmall airport
VLHSBan Huoeisay AirportHOEVientiane FIRHuay XaiSmall airport
VLIPPakseBangkok FIRUnknown
VLKGMuang KhongVientiane FIRUnknown
VLLBLuang Phabang International AirportLPQVientiane FIRLuang PhabangMidsized airport
VLLNLuang Namtha AirportLXGVientiane FIRLuang NamthaSmall airport
VLOSOudomsay AirportODYVientiane FIROudomsaySmall airport
VLPSPakse International AirportPKZVientiane FIRPakseMidsized airport
VLPVPhonesavanh AirportVientiane FIRSmall airport
VLSBSayaboury AirportZBYVientiane FIRSainyabuliSmall airport
VLSKSavannakhet AirportZVKVientiane FIRMidsized airport
VLSNSam Neua AirportNEUVientiane FIRMidsized airport
VLSVSaravane AirportVNAVientiane FIRSaravaneSmall airport
VLTKThakhek AirportTHKVientiane FIRThakhekSmall airport
VLVVVang Vieng(civ/m)VNGVientiane FIRClosed
VLXKXieng Khouang AirportXKHVientiane FIRXieng KhouangSmall airport
VLXLXienglom AirportXIEVientiane FIRXienglomSmall airport
LA-0005Khoksa AirfieldVientiane FIRSmall airport
LA-0006Bokeo International AirportVientiane FIRMidsized airport
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