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Country code KI
Country code (3 digit) KIR
Continent Oceania
Airports 21
Size 954 km2

Airports in Kiribati

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

NGTABonriki International AirportTRWNadi East FIR
TarawaMidsized airport
PLCHCassidy International AirportCXIOakland Oceanic West FIR
BananaMidsized airport
NGABAbaiang AirportABFNadi East FIRAbaiangSmall airport
NGBRBeru AirportBEZNadi East FIRBeruSmall airport
NGKTKuria AirportKUCNadi East FIRKuriaSmall airport
NGMAMaiana AirportMNKNadi East FIRMaianaSmall airport
NGMKMarakei AirportMZKNadi East FIRMarakeiSmall airport
NGMNMakin Island AirportMTKNadi East FIRMakin IslandSmall airport
NGNUNikunau AirportNIGNadi East FIRNikunauSmall airport
NGONOnotoa AirportOOTNadi East FIROnotoaSmall airport
NGTBAbemama AirportAEANadi East FIRAbemama AtollSmall airport
NGTETabiteuea North AirportTBFNadi East FIRMidsized airport
NGTMTamana Island AirportTMNNadi East FIRTamana IslandSmall airport
NGTONonouti AirportNONNadi East FIRNonoutiSmall airport
NGTRArorae Island AirportAISNadi East FIRArorae IslandSmall airport
NGTSTabiteuea South AirportTSUNadi East FIRTabiteuea SouthSmall airport
NGTUButaritari AirportBBGNadi East FIRButaritari AtollSmall airport
NGUKAranuka AirportAAKNadi East FIRBuarikiSmall airport
PCISCanton Island AirportCISOakland Oceanic West FIRAbariringaMidsized airport
PLFATabuaeran Island AirportTNVOakland Oceanic West FIRTabuaeran IslandSmall airport
PLWNWashington Island AirstripTNQOakland Oceanic West FIRTerainaSmall airport
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