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Country code GT
Country code (3 digit) GTM
Continent North America
Airports 63
Size 109,193 km2

Airports in Guatemala

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

MGCBCoban AirportCBVCentral American FIR
CobanMidsized airport
MGESEsquipulas AirportCentral American FIR
EsquipulasSmall airport
MGGTLa Aurora AirportGUACentral American FIR
Guatemala CityLarge airport
MGHTHuehuetenango AirportHUGCentral American FIR
HuehuetenangoSmall airport
MGMMMundo MayaCentral American FIR
FloresLarge airport
MGPBPuerto Barrios AirportPBRCentral American FIR
Puerto BarriosMidsized airport
MGQZQuezaltenango AirportAAZCentral American FIR
QuezaltenangoSmall airport
MGRTRetalhuleu AirportRERCentral American FIR
RetalhuleuMidsized airport
MGZAZacapa AirportCentral American FIR
ZacapaSmall airport
GT-0001Chiquimula AirportCHQCentral American FIRChiquimulaSmall airport
GT-0002Dos Lagunas AirportDONCentral American FIRDos LagunasSmall airport
GT-0003El Naranjo AirportENJCentral American FIREl NaranjoSmall airport
GT-0004Paso Caballos AirportPCGCentral American FIRPaso CaballosSmall airport
GT-0005El Naranjo AirportCentral American FIREl NaranjoSmall airport
GT-0006El Petén AirportTKMCentral American FIRTikalSmall airport
GT-0007Uaxactun AirportUAXCentral American FIRUaxactunSmall airport
GT-0008SANTIAGOCentral American FIRSmall airport
GT-0009NebajCentral American FIRSmall airport
GT-0010Chajul AirportCentral American FIRSmall airport
GT-0012Barillas upperCentral American FIRSmall airport
GT-0013San Luis Ixcan Valle Uno CandelariaCentral American FIRSmall airport
GT-0014Rancho PalCentral American FIRSmall airport
GT-0015XalbalCentral American FIRSmall airport
GT-0016Flore del Norte AirportCentral American FIRFlore del NorteSmall airport
GT-0017Los Angeles AirstripCentral American FIRLos AngelesSmall airport
GT-0018Cuarto Pueblo AirportCentral American FIRCarto PuebloSmall airport
GT-0019Ixquisis AirportCentral American FIRIxquisisSmall airport
GT-0020Nueva Generación Maya AirportCentral American FIRNueva Generación MayaSmall airport
GT-0021Jayabaj AirportCentral American FIRJayabajSmall airport
GT-0022Zacualpa AirportCentral American FIRZacualpaSmall airport
GT-0023Canilla AirportCentral American FIRRio SecoSmall airport
GT-0024Uspantan AirportCentral American FIRUspantanSmall airport
GT-0025Chisec AirportCentral American FIRXuctulSmall airport
GT-0026San Pedro Cotija AirportCentral American FIRSan Pedro CotijaSmall airport
GT-0027Sayaxché AirportCentral American FIRSayaxchéSmall airport
GT-0028El Estor AirportCentral American FIREl EstorSmall airport
GT-0029Champerico AirportCentral American FIRSmall airport
GT-0030La Noria AirportCentral American FIRSmall airport
GT-0031Tiquisate AirportCentral American FIRSmall airport
GT-0032Finca El Alamo AirportCentral American FIRSmall airport
EMREl Mirador HeliportEMRCentral American FIREl MiradorHeliport
PKJPlaya Grande AirportPKJCentral American FIRPlaya GrandeSmall airport
MG13Fray Bartolome AirportCentral American FIREl AchiotalSmall airport
MGBNBananera AirportCentral American FIRMoralesSmall airport
MGCPChampericoCentral American FIRUnknown
MGCRCarmelita AirportCMMCentral American FIRCarmelitaSmall airport
MGCTCoatepeque AirportCTFCentral American FIRCoatepequeSmall airport
MGFLFloresCentral American FIRUnknown
MGGIAurora ArpCentral American FIRUnknown
MGJUJutiapa AirportCentral American FIRSmall airport
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