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Country code GH
Country code (3 digit) GHA
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 28
Size 239,676 km2

Airports in Ghana

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DGAAKotoka International AirportACCAccra FIR
AccraLarge airport
DGADAdaAccra FIRUnknown
DGAHHo AirportAccra FIRMidsized airport
DGAKAkuseAccra FIRUnknown
DGASSaltpondAccra FIRUnknown
DGATTemaAccra FIRUnknown
DGKAAkim OdaAccra FIRUnknown
DGKKKoforiduaAccra FIRUnknown
DGLBBoleAccra FIRUnknown
DGLETamale AirportTMLAccra FIRTamaleMidsized airport
DGLNNavrongo AirportAccra FIRNavrongoSmall airport
DGLWWa AirportAccra FIRWaSmall airport
DGLYYendi AirportAccra FIRYendiSmall airport
DGSBSefwi BekwaiAccra FIRUnknown
DGSIKumasi AirportKMSAccra FIRKumasiMidsized airport
DGSNSunyani AirportNYIAccra FIRSunyaniMidsized airport
DGSWWenchiAccra FIRUnknown
DGTKTakoradi AirportTKDAccra FIRSekondi-TakoradiMidsized airport
DGTXAximAccra FIRUnknown
GH-0001Kpong AirfieldAccra FIRKpongSmall airport
GH-0002Ajena AirstripAccra FIRAjenaSmall airport
GH-000337 Military Hospital HelipadAccra FIRHeliport
GH-0004Ghana Police Headquarters HeliportAccra FIRHeliport
GH-0005Presidential Villa HeliportAccra FIRHeliport
GH-0006Anglogold Ashanti Obuasi Mine HelipadAccra FIRHeliport
GH-0007White Sands Resort HelipadAccra FIRHeliport
GH-0008Octagon HelipadAccra FIRHeliport
GH-0009Komfo Anokye Hospital HelipadAccra FIRHeliport
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