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French Polynesia

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Country code PF
Country code (3 digit) PYF
Continent Oceania
Flight Information Regions
Airports 54
Size 3,348 km2

Airports in French Polynesia

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NTAAFaa'a International AirportPPTTahiti FIR
PapeeteLarge airport
NTAMRimatara AirportRMTTahiti FIRRimatara IslandSmall airport
NTARRurutu AirportRURTahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTATTubuai AirportTUBTahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTAVRaivavae AirportRVVTahiti FIRSmall airport
NTGAAnaa AirportAAATahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTGBFangatau AirportFGUTahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTGCTikehau AirportTIHTahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTGDApataki AirportAPKTahiti FIRApatakiSmall airport
NTGEReao AirportREATahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTGFFakarava AirportFAVTahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTGGNengo-Nengo AirportTahiti FIRNengonengo AtollSmall airport
NTGHHikueru AirportHHZTahiti FIRHikueru AtollSmall airport
NTGIManihi AirportXMHTahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTGJTotegegie AirportGMRTahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTGKKaukura AirportKKRTahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTGMMakemo AirportMKPTahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTGNNapuka Island AirportNAUTahiti FIRNapuka IslandSmall airport
NTGOTatakoto AirportTKVTahiti FIRTatakotoSmall airport
NTGPPuka Puka AirportPKPTahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTGQPukaruha AirportPUKTahiti FIRPukaruaSmall airport
NTGRAratika-Perles AirportTahiti FIRAratika AtollSmall airport
NTGSMarutea AirportTahiti FIRAuorotiniSmall airport
NTGTTakapoto AirportTKPTahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTGUArutua AirportAXRTahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTGVMataiva AirportMVTTahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTGWNukutavake AirportNUKTahiti FIRNukutavakeSmall airport
NTGYTureia AirportZTATahiti FIRSmall airport
NTHEAhe AirportAHETahiti FIRAhe AtollMidsized airport
NTKAKauehi AirportKHZTahiti FIRKauehiSmall airport
NTKFFaaite AirportFACTahiti FIRSmall airport
NTKHFakahina AirportFHZTahiti FIRFakahinaSmall airport
NTKKAratika Nord AirportRKATahiti FIRSmall airport
NTKMTakume AirportTJNTahiti FIRTakumeSmall airport
NTKNNaiu AirportNIUTahiti FIRNaiu AtollSmall airport
NTKORaroia AirportRRRTahiti FIRSmall airport
NTKRTakaroa AirportTKXTahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTKTKatiu AirportKXUTahiti FIRKatiuSmall airport
NTKUNukutepipi AirportNKPTahiti FIRNukutepipiSmall airport
NTMDNuku Hiva AirportNHVTahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTMNHiva Oa-Atuona AirportAUQTahiti FIRHiva Oa IslandMidsized airport
NTMPUa Pou AirportUAPTahiti FIRUa PouSmall airport
NTMUUa Huka AirportUAHTahiti FIRUa HukaSmall airport
NTTBBora Bora AirportBOBTahiti FIRMotu MuteMidsized airport
NTTETetiaroa AirportTTITahiti FIRTetiaroaSmall airport
NTTGRangiroa AirportRGITahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTTHHuahine-Fare AirportHUHTahiti FIRFareMidsized airport
NTTMMoorea Temae AirportMOZTahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTTOHao AirportHOITahiti FIRMidsized airport
NTTPMaupiti AirportMAUTahiti FIRMidsized airport
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