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Country code EE
Country code (3 digit) EST
Continent Europe
Flight Information Regions
Airports 29
Size 45,576 km2

Airports in Estonia

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

EEEIÄmari Air BaseTallinn FIR
KeilaMidsized airport
EEKEKuressaare AirportURETallinn FIR
KuressaareMidsized airport
EEPUPärnu AirportEPUTallinn FIR
PärnuMidsized airport
EETNLennart Meri Tallinn AirportTLLTallinn FIR
TallinnLarge airport
EETUTartu AirportTAYTallinn FIR
TartuMidsized airport
EE-0005Roomassaare Seaplane BaseTallinn FIRKuressaareSeaplane base
EE-9278Kunda Air BaseTallinn FIRKundaSmall airport
EEAAAntsla AirfieldTallinn FIRSmall airport
EECLTallinn Linnahall HeliportTallinn FIRTallinnHeliport
EEHAHumala AerodromeTallinn FIRHumalaSmall airport
EEJIJõhvi AirfieldTallinn FIRJõhviSmall airport
EEKAKärdla AirportKDLTallinn FIRKärdlaMidsized airport
EEKIKarksi AirfieldTallinn FIRKarksiSmall airport
EEKOKoseTallinn FIRSmall airport
EEKUKihnu AirfieldTallinn FIRSaarekülaSmall airport
EELMLange AirfieldTallinn FIRTartuSmall airport
EELULyckholm AirstripTallinn FIRSaareSmall airport
EENANarva AirfieldTallinn FIRNarvaSmall airport
EENINurmsi AirfieldTallinn FIRNurmsiSmall airport
EERARapla AirfieldTallinn FIRRaplaSmall airport
EERDRiidaja AirfieldTallinn FIRSmall airport
EERIRidali AirfieldTallinn FIRSuurkülaSmall airport
EERURuhnu AirfieldTallinn FIRRingsuSmall airport
EESESalme HeliportTallinn FIRSalmeHeliport
EETITõutsiTallinn FIRSmall airport
EEVIViljandi AirfieldTallinn FIRViljandiSmall airport
EEVOVormsi AirfieldTallinn FIRVormsi IslandSmall airport
EEVUVarstu AirfieldTallinn FIRVarstuSmall airport
EE-0010Kaavi AirstripTallinn FIRSmall airport
EERERakvereTallinn FIRRakvereSmall airport
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