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Country code CZ
Country code (3 digit) CZE
Continent Europe
Flight Information Regions
Airports 285
Size 78,497 km2

Airports in Czechia

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

LKCVČáslav Air BasePraha FIR
ČáslavMidsized airport
LKKBKbely Air BasePraha FIR
PragueMidsized airport
LKKUKunovice AirportUHEPraha FIR
Uherské HradištěMidsized airport
LKKVKarlovy Vary International AirportKLVPraha FIR
Karlovy VaryMidsized airport
LKLNPlzeň-Líně AirportPraha FIR
PlzenMidsized airport
LKMTOstrava Leos Janáček AirportOSRPraha FIR
OstravaMidsized airport
LKNANáměšť Air BasePraha FIR
NáměšťMidsized airport
LKPDPardubice AirportPEDPraha FIR
PardubiceMidsized airport
LKPRVáclav Havel Airport PraguePRGPraha FIR
PragueLarge airport
LKTBBrno-Tuřany AirportBRQPraha FIR
BrnoMidsized airport
LKVOVodochody AirportVODPraha FIR
VodochodyMidsized airport
CZ-0001Factory Jihočeské Papírny HeliportPraha FIRČeské BudějoviceHeliport
CZ-0002Hospital HeliportPraha FIRTáborHeliport
CZ-0003Hospital HeliportPraha FIRJindřichův HradecHeliport
CZ-0004Hospital HeliportPraha FIRBlanskoHeliport
CZ-0005Hospital HeliportPraha FIRBoskoviceHeliport
CZ-0006International Business Center Brno HeliportPraha FIRBrnoHeliport
CZ-0007Nemocnice/Hospital HeliportPraha FIRBřeclavHeliport
CZ-0008Střecha Nem Hospital HeliportPraha FIRKyjovHeliport
CZ-0009Teaching Hospital - Building I2 HeliportPraha FIRBrnoHeliport
CZ-0010Teaching Hospital -Building 1 HeliportPraha FIRBrnoHeliport
CZ-0011Horní Staré Město HeliportPraha FIRTrutnovHeliport
CZ-0012Hospital HeliportPraha FIRNáchodHeliport
CZ-0013Hradec Králové HeliportPraha FIRHradec KrálovéHeliport
CZ-0014Nová Amerika HeliportPraha FIRNová AmerikaHeliport
CZ-0015Teaching Hospital, Clinic Karim - Roof HeliportPraha FIRHradec KrálovéHeliport
CZ-0016Area Of Fire And Rescue Force HeliportPraha FIRBruntálHeliport
CZ-0017Hospital HeliportPraha FIRKrnovHeliport
CZ-0018Teaching Hospital HeliportPraha FIRPorubaHeliport
CZ-0019The Area Of Fire And Rescue Force HeliportPraha FIROstravaHeliport
CZ-0020Šumperk HeliportPraha FIRŠumperkHeliport
CZ-0021Tabulový Vrch HeliportPraha FIROlomoucHeliport
CZ-0022Teaching Hospital -Surgical Pavilion HeliportPraha FIROlomouHeliport
CZ-0023Area Of Fire And Rescue Force HeliportPraha FIRSvitavyHeliport
CZ-0024Hospital HeliportPraha FIRChrudimHeliport
CZ-0025Hospital HeliportPraha FIRDomažliceHeliport
CZ-0026University Hospital Pilsen HelipadPraha FIRPlzeň-LochotínHeliport
CZ-0027Teaching Hospital Na Bulovce HeliportPraha FIRPraha 8Heliport
CZ-0028Teaching Thomayer Hospital HeliportPraha FIRPragueHeliport
CZ-0029Úvn/Central Military Hospital Střešovice -Pavilion Ch 2 HeliportPraha FIRPragueHeliport
CZ-0030Area Of Fire And Rescue Force HeliportPraha FIRMělníkHeliport
CZ-0031Hořín HeliportPraha FIRMělníkHeliport
CZ-0032Hospital HeliportPraha FIRRakovníkHeliport
CZ-0033Hospital HeliportPraha FIRHořoviceHeliport
CZ-0034Hospital HeliportPraha FIRMladá BoleslavHeliport
CZ-0035Neratovice HeliportPraha FIRNeratoviceHeliport
CZ-0036Bukov HeliportPraha FIRÚstí Nad LabemHeliport
CZ-0037Hospital HeliportPraha FIRÚstí Nad LabemHeliport
CZ-0038Hospital HeliportPraha FIRChomutovHeliport
CZ-0039Municipal Hospital HeliportPraha FIRLitoměřiceHeliport
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