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Country code TD
Country code (3 digit) TCD
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 42
Size 1,270,722 km2

Airports in Chad

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

FTTJN'Djamena International AirportNDJN Djamena FIR
N'DjamenaLarge airport
FTTASarh AirportSRHN Djamena FIRSarhSmall airport
FTTBBongor AirportOGRN Djamena FIRBongorSmall airport
FTTCAbeche AirportAEHN Djamena FIRMidsized airport
FTTDMoundou AirportMQQN Djamena FIRMidsized airport
FTTGGoz-Beida AirportN Djamena FIRGoz-BeidaSmall airport
FTTHLai AirportLTCN Djamena FIRLaiSmall airport
FTTIAti AirportATVN Djamena FIRAtiSmall airport
FTTKBokoro AirportBKRN Djamena FIRBokoroSmall airport
FTTLBol-Berim AirportOTCN Djamena FIRBolSmall airport
FTTMMongo AirportMVON Djamena FIRMongoSmall airport
FTTNAm Timan AirportAMCN Djamena FIRAm TimanSmall airport
FTTPPala AirportPLFN Djamena FIRPalaSmall airport
FTTRZouar AirportN Djamena FIRZouarSmall airport
FTTSBousso AirportOUTN Djamena FIRBoussoSmall airport
FTTUMao AirportAMON Djamena FIRMaoSmall airport
FTTYFaya Largeau AirportFYTN Djamena FIRMidsized airport
FTTZBardai Zougra AirportN Djamena FIRBardai ZougraSmall airport
TD-0001Aozou AirstripTripoli FIRSmall airport
TD-0002Doba AirportN Djamena FIRDobaSmall airport
TD-0003Baïbokoum AirportBrazzaville FIRBaïbokoumSmall airport
TD-0004Léré AirportN Djamena FIRLéréSmall airport
TD-0005Kélo AirportN Djamena FIRKéloSmall airport
TD-0006Koumra AirportN Djamena FIRKoumraSmall airport
TD-0007Goundi AirportN Djamena FIRGoundiSmall airport
TD-0008Kyabé AirportN Djamena FIRKyabéSmall airport
TD-0009Haraze AirportN Djamena FIRHarazeSmall airport
TD-0010Usine Sugar Plantation AirstripN Djamena FIRSarhSmall airport
TD-0011Iriba AirportN Djamena FIRIribaSmall airport
TD-0013Guéréda AirportN Djamena FIRSmall airport
TD-0014Amdjarass AirportN Djamena FIRSmall airport
AKMZakuoma AirportAKMN Djamena FIRZaKoumaSmall airport
AODAbou-Deïa AirportAODN Djamena FIRAbou-DeïaSmall airport
MEFMelfi AirportMEFN Djamena FIRMelfiSmall airport
MXRMoussoro AirportMXRN Djamena FIRMoussoroSmall airport
OUMOum Hadjer AirportOUMN Djamena FIROum HadjerSmall airport
TD-0024Biltine AirportN Djamena FIRBiltineSmall airport
TD-0025Fada AirportN Djamena FIRFadaSmall airport
FTTEBiltine AirportN Djamena FIRBiltineSmall airport
FTTFFada AirportN Djamena FIRFadaSmall airport
TD-0015Moussoro AirportN Djamena FIRSmall airport
TD-0016Adré AirportN Djamena FIRSmall airport
TD-0017Kouba Olanga AirstripN Djamena FIRSmall airport
TD-0018Salal AirportN Djamena FIRSmall airport
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