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Country code BO
Country code (3 digit) BOL
Continent South America
Flight Information Regions
Airports 203
Size 1,090,455 km2

Airports in Bolivia

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

SLALAlcantarí AirportSRELa Paz FIR
YamparaezMidsized airport
SLCACamiri AirportCAMLa Paz FIR
CamiriSmall airport
SLCBJorge Wilsterman International AirportCBBLa Paz FIR
CochabambaMidsized airport
SLCOCapitán Aníbal Arab AirportCIJLa Paz FIR
CobijaMidsized airport
SLCPConcepción AirportCEPLa Paz FIR
ConcepciónSmall airport
SLETEl Trompillo AirportSRZLa Paz FIR
Santa CruzMidsized airport
SLLPEl Alto International AirportLPBLa Paz FIR
La Paz / El AltoMidsized airport
SLORJuan Mendoza AirportORULa Paz FIR
OruroMidsized airport
SLPSCapitán Av. Salvador Ogaya G. airportPSZLa Paz FIR
Puerto SuárezMidsized airport
SLRIRiberaltaLa Paz FIR
RiberaltaSmall airport
SLSASanta Ana Del Yacuma AirportSBLLa Paz FIR
Santa Ana del YacumaMidsized airport
SLSVSan Ignacio de Velasco AirportLa Paz FIR
Midsized airport
SLTJCapitan Oriel Lea Plaza AirportTJALa Paz FIR
TarijaMidsized airport
SLTRTeniente Av. Jorge Henrich Arauz AirportTDDLa Paz FIR
TrinidadMidsized airport
SLVRViru Viru International AirportVVILa Paz FIR
Santa CruzLarge airport
BO-0001Rurenabaque AirportRBQLa Paz FIRRurenabaqueClosed
BO-0002Riberalta AirportLa Paz FIRRiberaltaClosed
BO-0003San Juan de Beni AirportLa Paz FIRPuerto LeigueSmall airport
BO-0004Puerto Ustarez AirportLa Paz FIRPuerto UstarezSmall airport
BO-0005Mayo Mayo AirportLa Paz FIRSanta Rosa de VigoSmall airport
BO-0006El Mojar AirportLa Paz FIREl MojarSmall airport
BO-0007El TacuaralLa Paz FIREl TacuaralSmall airport
BO-0009Saipiru AirportLa Paz FIRCordilleraSmall airport
BO-0010Buen Jesus AirportLa Paz FIRBuen JesusSmall airport
BO-0011Tres Personas AirportLa Paz FIRTres PersonasSmall airport
BO-0012Ibibobo AirportLa Paz FIRIbiboboSmall airport
BO-0013Loreto AirportLa Paz FIRLoretoSmall airport
BO-0014Espiritu AirstripLa Paz FIREspirituSmall airport
BO-0015Nueva Esperanza AirportLa Paz FIRSmall airport
BVLBaures AirportBVLLa Paz FIRBauresSmall airport
BO-0020Blanca Flor AirportLa Paz FIRMadre De DiosSmall airport
BO-0021Buena Hora AirportLa Paz FIRBallivianSmall airport
BO-0022Las Brizas AirportLa Paz FIRYacumaSmall airport
BO-0023Camacho AirportLa Paz FIRCamachoSmall airport
BO-0024Cañada Larga AirportLa Paz FIRChiquitosSmall airport
BO-0025Bulo Bulo AirportLa Paz FIRCarrascoSmall airport
BO-0026San Juan Estancias AirportLa Paz FIRCercadoSmall airport
BO-0027Cerdas AirportLa Paz FIRNor LipezSmall airport
BO-0031Palmira AirportLa Paz FIRYacumaSmall airport
BO-0032Capitán Av. Selin Zeitun Lopez AirportRIBLa Paz FIRRiberaltaClosed
BO-0033RurrenabaqueLa Paz FIRUnknown
BO-0035Samaipata AirportLa Paz FIRFloridaClosed
BO-0036Capitán Av. German Quiroga G. AirportSRJLa Paz FIRSan BorjaSmall airport
BO-0037San José De Chiquitos AirportSJSLa Paz FIRSan José de ChiquitosClosed
BO-0038San Ramón AirportSRDLa Paz FIRSan Ramón / MamoréSmall airport
BO-0040Villa Aroma AirportLa Paz FIRAromaSmall airport
BO-0041Villazon AirportLa Paz FIRM.OmisteSmall airport
BO-0049Ascension De GuarayosLa Paz FIRAscensiónClosed
SLAGMonteagudo AirportMHWLa Paz FIREl BañadoSmall airport
SLAMArampampa AirportLa Paz FIRGral. BallivianSmall airport
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