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Country code BT
Country code (3 digit) BTN
Continent Asia
Airports 12
Size 40,432 km2

Airports in Bhutan

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

VQPRParo International AirportPBHKolkata FIR
ParoMidsized airport
BT-0001Royal Bhutan Police HeliportKolkata FIRHeliport
BT-0002Uma Gechuthang HeliportKolkata FIRHeliport
BT-0003Dumcho HeliportKolkata FIRHeliport
BT-0004Rinchending HeliportKolkata FIRHeliport
BT-0005Trongsa HeliportKolkata FIRHeliport
VQ10Yongphulla AirportYONKolkata FIRTashigangSmall airport
VQBTBathpalathang AirportBUTKolkata FIRJakarSmall airport
VQGPGelephu AirportGLUKolkata FIRGelephuMidsized airport
VQTUThimphu HeliportKolkata FIRThimphuHeliport
BT-0006Mongar HeliportKolkata FIRHeliport
BT-0007Buli HeliportKolkata FIRHeliport
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