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Country code BY
Country code (3 digit) BLR
Continent Europe
Flight Information Regions
Airports 48
Size 206,632 km2

Airports in Belarus

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

UMBBBrest AirportBQTMinsk FIR
BrestMidsized airport
UMGGGomel AirportGMEMinsk FIR
GomelMidsized airport
UMIIVitebsk Vostochny AirportVTBMinsk FIR
VitebskMidsized airport
UMIOBalbasovo Air BaseMinsk FIR
OrshaSmall airport
UMMGHrodna AirportGNAMinsk FIR
HrodnaMidsized airport
UMMSMinsk National AirportMSQMinsk FIR
MinskLarge airport
UMOOMogilev AirportMVQMinsk FIR
MogilevMidsized airport
BY-0001Orsha Airport - Balbasovo Air BaseTXCMinsk FIRMidsized airport
BY-0003Bobrovichi Air BaseMinsk FIRKalinovichiMidsized airport
BY-0004Borovtsy Air BaseMinsk FIRPolatskSmall airport
BY-0006Osovtsy Air BaseMinsk FIRByarozaMidsized airport
BY-0008Bel AirfieldMinsk FIRKrichawClosed
BY-0009Lida Air BaseMinsk FIRLidaSmall airport
BY-0010Borovukha-2 HelipadMinsk FIRPolatskHeliport
BY-0012Aerodrom KukoviatsinoMinsk FIRSmall airport
BY-0013VD Bolshoy Bokov AirfieldMinsk FIRSmall airport
BY-0014Lipki Air BaseMinsk FIRSmall airport
BY-0015Aerodrom OzerkiMinsk FIRSmall airport
BY-0016GorkiMinsk FIRGorkiSmall airport
BY-0020Njeman HeliportMinsk FIRNjemanHeliport
BY-0021Drozdy HeliportMinsk FIRDrozdyHeliport
BY-0022Dzerzhinsky Highway StripMinsk FIRDzerzhinskySmall airport
BY-0023Bobruisk AeroclubMinsk FIRBabruyskSmall airport
BY-0024Karolin AirfieldMinsk FIRGrodnoSmall airport
BY-0025Voirovka AirfieldMinsk FIRVoigovkaClosed
BY-0027Kisyali AirfieldMinsk FIRKisyaliSmall airport
BY-0028Vidzy AirstripMinsk FIRVidzySmall airport
BY-0029Kliepačy AirstripMinsk FIRSmall airport
BY-0031Suklina AirstripMinsk FIRSmall airport
BY-0032Mazalovo AirstripMinsk FIRMazalovoSmall airport
BY-0033Stepanovo AirstripMinsk FIRSmall airport
BY-0034Obsianka AirstripMinsk FIRSmall airport
BY-0035Ptsich AirstripMinsk FIRSmall airport
BY-0037Mestnyy AirfieldMinsk FIRSmall airport
BY-0038Voirovka East AirfieldMinsk FIRSmall airport
BY-4247Pribytki Air BaseMinsk FIRGomelSmall airport
BY-9934Luninets Air BaseMinsk FIRLuninetsSmall airport
UMBKBorisovo Air BaseMinsk FIRBarysavaSmall airport
UMDUShchuchynMinsk FIRShchuchynSmall airport
UMGIRogachevMinsk FIRMin'kovSmall airport
UMLIMinsk Machulishchy Air BaseMinsk FIRMinskSmall airport
UMMABaranavichi Air BaseMinsk FIRBaranavichiMidsized airport
UMNBBabruisk Air BaseMinsk FIRBabruiskMidsized airport
UMNMNovo-Pashkovo AirfieldMinsk FIRMahiylow / MogilevSmall airport
UMNVPruzhany Air BaseMinsk FIRPruzhanyClosed
BY-0040Pinsk / Galevo AirfieldMinsk FIRSmall airport
BY-0041Avia-Mensk AirstripMinsk FIRSmall airport
BY-0042Sula AirstripMinsk FIRSmall airport
BY-9935Bel AirportMinsk FIRKrychawSmall airport
BY-9936Polotsk AirportMinsk FIRPolatskSmall airport
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