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Country code BS
Country code (3 digit) BHS
Continent North America
Flight Information Regions
Airports 68
Size 12,621 km2

Airports in Bahamas

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

MYEMGovernors Harbour AirportGHBMiami FIR
Governors HarbourMidsized airport
MYGFGrand Bahama International AirportFPOMiami FIR
FreeportMidsized airport
MYNNLynden Pindling International AirportNASMiami FIR
NassauMidsized airport
MYSMSan Salvador International AirportZSAMiami FIR
Cockburn TownMidsized airport
BS-0002Port Nelson AirstripMiami FIRPort NelsonSmall airport
BS-0003Cape Santa Maria AirstripMiami FIRSmall airport
BS-0004Cave Cay AirstripMiami FIRCave CaySmall airport
BS-0005Farmers Cay AirstripMiami FIRLittle Farmers CaySmall airport
BS-0007Big Grand Cay HeliportMiami FIRGrand CayHeliport
BS-0008Nassau Helicopters HeliportMiami FIRNassauHeliport
BS-0010Overyonder Cay Seaplane BaseMiami FIRClosed
BS-0011Little Pipe Cay Seaplane BaseMiami FIRSeaplane base
BS-0012Mister Beast Island HelipadMiami FIRHeliport
BS-0014Abaco Beach Resort HeliportMiami FIRHeliport
BS-0016Elbow Cay Emergency HelipadMiami FIRHeliport
NSBBimini North Seaplane BaseNSBMiami FIRBiminiSeaplane base
MYA0Moores Island AirportMiami FIRMoore's IslandSmall airport
MYX4Big Whale Cay AirportMiami FIRBig Whale CaySmall airport
MYX6Oakes Field-NassauMiami FIRNassauHeliport
MYX7Rudder Cut Cay AirportMiami FIRRudder Cut CaySmall airport
MYX8Darby Island AirportMiami FIRDarby IslandClosed
MYZ3Little Whale Cay Berry Islands AirportMiami FIRLittle Whale CaySmall airport
BS-0026Cat Cay AirportCXYMiami FIRNorth Cat CaySmall airport
MBJTTurks/mccartneyMiami FIRUnknown
MYAFFresh Creek AirportASDMiami FIRFresh CreekMidsized airport
MYAWWalkers Cay AirportWKRMiami FIRSmall airport
MYAXSpanish Cay AirportMiami FIRSmall airport
MYBCChub Cay AirportCCZMiami FIRMidsized airport
MYBOOcean Cay HeliportMiami FIROcean CayHeliport
MYCBNew Bight AirportTBIMiami FIRNew BightMidsized airport
MYCHHawks Nest AirportMiami FIRHawks Nest CreekSmall airport
MYCPPitts Town AirportPWNMiami FIRPitts TownSmall airport
MYCSCay Sal AirportHabana FIRCay SalSmall airport
MYCZAUTEC HeliportMiami FIRAndros TownHeliport
MYEBBlack Point AirstripMiami FIRBlack PointSmall airport
MYELLee Stocking AirportMiami FIRLee StockingSmall airport
MYENNormans Cay AirportNMCMiami FIRMidsized airport
MYEYHog Cay AirportMiami FIRHog CaySmall airport
MYGDDeep Water Cay AirportMiami FIRDeep Water CaySmall airport
MYGMGrand Bahama Auxiliary AirfieldGBIMiami FIRGrand BahamaSmall airport
MYGWWest End AirportWTDNassau FIRWest EndSmall airport
MYIGMatthew Town AirportIGAMiami FIRMatthew TownMidsized airport
MYLRHard Bargain AirportMiami FIRMidsized airport
MYRDDuncan Town AirportDCTHabana FIRMidsized airport
MYXCHog Key AirportMiami FIRLong IslandSmall airport
MYXDLeaf Cay AirportMiami FIRLeaf CaySmall airport
MYXFLittle Darby Island AirportMiami FIRSmall airport
MYXHSampson Cay AirportMiami FIRSampson CaySmall airport
BS-0017Cargill Creek Settlement HeliportMiami FIRHeliport
BS-0025Cape Eleuthera AirportMiami FIRSmall airport
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