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Country code AZ
Country code (3 digit) AZE
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 36
Size 86,188 km2

Airports in Azerbaijan

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

UBBBHeydar Aliyev International AirportGYDBaku FIR
BakuLarge airport
UBBGGanja International AirportKVDBaku FIR
GanjaMidsized airport
UBBLLankaran International AirportLLKBaku FIR
LankaranSmall airport
UBBNNakhchivan AirportNAJBaku FIR
NakhchivanMidsized airport
UBBQGabala International AirportGBBBaku FIR
GabalaMidsized airport
UBBYZaqatala International AirportZTUBaku FIR
ZaqatalaMidsized airport
UBEEYevlakh AirportYLVBaku FIR
YevlakhSmall airport
AZ-0001Zabrat AirportZXTBaku FIRBakuMidsized airport
AZ-0002Khachmaz AirportBaku FIRClosed
AZ-0003Shaki AirportBaku FIRSmall airport
AZ-0004Naftalan AirportBaku FIRSmall airport
AZ-0005Tanrykulular AirportBaku FIRSmall airport
AZ-0008Bygyr AirportBaku FIRSmall airport
AZ-0009Mollakend AirportBaku FIRSmall airport
AZ-0010Agjabedi AirportBaku FIRSmall airport
AZ-0011Fuzuli International AirportFZLBaku FIRMidsized airport
AZ-0013Sitalchay AirbaseBaku FIRMidsized airport
AZ-0014Baku Lökbatan AirportBaku FIRSmall airport
AZ-0015Sangachaly Air BaseBaku FIRSmall airport
AZ-0016Pirsagat AirportBaku FIRSmall airport
AZ-0017Hajigabul Kazı Magomed AirportBaku FIRSmall airport
AZ-0018Qarachala AirportBaku FIRSmall airport
AZ-0019Salyan Air BaseBaku FIRClosed
AZ-0021Qizilagach Air BaseBaku FIRMidsized airport
AZ-0022Pirallahı HeliportBaku FIRHeliport
AZ-0023Çilov HeliportBaku FIRHeliport
AZ-0024Baku HeliportBaku FIRHeliport
AZ-0025Sangachal Oil Terminal HeliportBaku FIRHeliport
UB12Nasosnaya Air BaseBaku FIRNasosnayaMidsized airport
UB13Stepanakert AirportBaku FIRStepanakertMidsized airport
UB14Kyurdamir Air BaseBaku FIRKyurdamirMidsized airport
UB16Balakan AirportBaku FIRBelokanyClosed
UB18Baku Kala Air BaseBaku FIRBakuMidsized airport
UG11Dollyar Air BaseBaku FIRDollyarMidsized airport
AZUHNakhchivanBaku FIRUnknown
UBBAAkstafa AirportBaku FIRAkstafaSmall airport
AZ-0032Aghdam AirportBaku FIRAğdamSmall airport
AZ-0033Aghdas AirportBaku FIRAğdaşSmall airport
AZ-0034Belokany AirportBaku FIRBelokanySmall airport
AZ-0035Khachmas AirfieldBaku FIRXaçmazSmall airport
AZ-0036Salyany Air BaseBaku FIRSalyanSmall airport
AZ-0037Baku Lokbatan AirportBaku FIRGyuzdekClosed
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