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Country code AM
Country code (3 digit) ARM
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 14
Size 29,589 km2

Airports in Armenia

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

UDSGShirak International AirportLWNYerevan Zvartnots FIR
GyumriMidsized airport
UDYZZvartnots International AirportEVNYerevan Zvartnots FIR
YerevanLarge airport
AM-0001Syunik AirportBaku FIRKapanSmall airport
AM-0002Goris AirportYerevan Zvartnots FIRGorisSmall airport
AM-0003Hoktember Highway StripYerevan Zvartnots FIRHoktemberSmall airport
AM-0004Berd AirportYerevan Zvartnots FIRBerdSmall airport
AM-0008Sisian AirstripYerevan Zvartnots FIRSmall airport
AM-0009Sky Club AirstripYerevan Zvartnots FIRSmall airport
AM-0010Victory Park HelipadYerevan Zvartnots FIRHeliport
UD21Arzni AirportYerevan Zvartnots FIRYerevanSmall airport
UDLSStepanavan AirportYerevan Zvartnots FIRStepanavanSmall airport
UDYEErebuni AirportYerevan Zvartnots FIRYerevanMidsized airport
UGEEYerevanYerevan Zvartnots FIRUnknown
UGELShirakYerevan Zvartnots FIRUnknown
UGEJDzhermuk AirportYerevan Zvartnots FIRJermukSmall airport
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