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Country code AQ
Country code (3 digit) ATA
Continent Antartica
Flight Information Regions
Airports 38
Size 12,258,341 km2

Airports in Antarctica

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

NZCMWilliams FieldAuckland Oceanic East FIR
AAXXRothera Point AirportPunta Arenas FIRRothera PointSmall airport
AQ-0001Novolazarevskaya StationJohannesburg Oceanic FIRQueen Maud LandSmall airport
AQ-0005Jack F. Paulus SkiwayJohannesburg Oceanic FIRMidsized airport
AQ-0006Palmer Station HeliportPunta Arenas FIRHeliport
AQ-0007Enigma Lake SkiwayAuckland Oceanic East FIRSmall airport
AQ-0008Machu Picchu Base HelipadPunta Arenas FIRHeliport
AQ-0009Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station HelipadPunta Arenas FIRHeliport
AQ-0010Arctowsky Station HeliportPunta Arenas FIRHeliport
AQ-0011Wolfs FangJohannesburg Oceanic FIRClosed
AT03Concordia SkywayMelbourne FIRMidsized airport
AT13Zucchelli Ice RunwayAuckland Oceanic East FIRSmall airport
AT25Showa Station SkiwayJohannesburg Oceanic FIRShowa StationSmall airport
AT28Vostok SkiwayMelbourne FIRMidsized airport
NZ12Palmer Station AirportPunta Arenas FIRClosed
SA47Petrel AirportPunta Arenas FIRClosed
AQ-0019Esperanza BasePunta Arenas FIRHope BayClosed
AQ-0020Matienzo AirfieldPunta Arenas FIRSmall airport
AQBCBoulder Clay RunwayAuckland Oceanic East FIRMidsized airport
EGAHHalley Research StationComodoro Rivadavia FIRClosed
EGARRothera Research StationPunta Arenas FIRSmall airport
EGATSky Blu AirstripPunta Arenas FIRClosed
ENOETrollJohannesburg Oceanic FIRSmall airport
NZFXPhoenix AirfieldAuckland Oceanic East FIRSmall airport
NZSPSouth Pole Station AirportAuckland Oceanic East FIRSmall airport
NZTBTerra Nova BayAuckland Oceanic East FIRUnknown
NZWDWilliams FieldAuckland Oceanic East FIRMcMurdo StationMidsized airport
SAYBBase Belgrano II AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRSmall airport
SAYJJubany AirbasePunta Arenas FIRSouth Shetland Archipielago- King George IslandSmall airport
SAYOOrcadas Base HeliportComodoro Rivadavia FIRLaurie IslandHeliport
SAYSSan Martín Base AirfieldPunta Arenas FIRSmall airport
SCBOGeneral Bernardo O'Higgins Base SkywayPunta Arenas FIRGeneral Bernardo O'Higgins BaseClosed
YCSKCasey Station SkiwayMelbourne FIRSmall airport
YWKSWilkins RunwayMelbourne FIRSmall airport
AQ-0021Palmer Station AirportPunta Arenas FIRClosed
AQ-0022Base Belgrano Ii AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRClosed
NZIRMcmurdo Station Ice RunwayAuckland Oceanic East FIRMcMurdo StationSmall airport
NZPGMcmurdo Station Pegasus FieldAuckland Oceanic East FIRMcMurdo StationClosed
SAWZMatienzo BasePunta Arenas FIRSmall airport
SAYEEsperanza BaseJohannesburg Oceanic FIRClosed
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