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Country code AF
Country code (3 digit) AFG
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 100
Size 642,393 km2

Airports in Afghanistan

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

AF-0001Ajrestan AirportKabul FIRAjrestanSmall airport
AF-0002Dehdadi AirportKabul FIRSmall airport
AF-0003Charikar AirportKabul FIRSmall airport
AF-0005Khost International AirportKHTKabul FIRKhostMidsized airport
AF-0006Mohammad Agha Wuluswali AirportKabul FIRSmall airport
AF-0007Forward Operating Base Bostick HeliportKabul FIRHeliport
AF-0008Camp Qargha North HeliportKabul FIRHeliport
AF-0009Camp Qargha South HeliportKabul FIRHeliport
AF-0010Camp Warehouse HeliportKabul FIRHeliport
AF-0011Forward Operating Base Arian AirfieldKabul FIRSmall airport
AF-0012UNOCA HeliportKabul FIRHeliport
AF-0013Samangan AirstripKabul FIRSmall airport
AF-0014Salerno North FieldKabul FIRSmall airport
AF-0015Qarghayi AirportKabul FIRSmall airport
AF04Helmand AirportKabul FIRSmall airport
AF06Khwaja Ghar North AirportKabul FIRSmall airport
AF07Khwaja Ghar South AirportKabul FIRSmall airport
AF08Kutub Khel AirportKabul FIRSmall airport
AF09Nayak AirportKabul FIRSmall airport
AF10Orūzgān AirportURZKabul FIROrūzgānSmall airport
AF11Salerno AirportOLRKabul FIRKhostSmall airport
AF13Shebartu Landing Zone AirportKabul FIRSmall airport
AF14Tapa AirportKabul FIRSmall airport
AF15Qara Tepa HeliportKabul FIRHeliport
DWRDywer AirbaseDWRKabul FIRCamp DwyerSmall airport
OA1AMarnah Ghar HeliportKabul FIRHeliport
OAAShank Air BaseOAAKabul FIRSmall airport
AF-0030Koran va Monjan AirportKabul FIRKron MonajnSmall airport
AF-0032Razer AirportKabul FIRClosed
AF-0035Sheghnan AirportSGAKabul FIRSheghnanSmall airport
AF-0036Zaranj AirportZAJKabul FIRZaranjSmall airport
EQBAKunduzKabul FIRUnknown
EQBFFeyzabadKabul FIRUnknown
EQBHCamp BastionKabul FIRUnknown
EQBIChagcharanKabul FIRUnknown
EQBMMarzar I SharifKabul FIRUnknown
EQCBKandaharKabul FIRUnknown
EQTKTarin KowtKabul FIRUnknown
OAAKAndkhoy AirportKabul FIRAndkhoiSmall airport
OAASAsmarKabul FIRUnknown
OABDBehsoodKabul FIRUnknown
OABNBamyan AirportBINKabul FIRBamiyanSmall airport
OABTBost AirportBSTKabul FIRBostSmall airport
OACCChaghcharan AirportCCNKabul FIRChakcharanSmall airport
OADSSardeh Band AirportSBFKabul FIRSardeh BandSmall airport
OADWWazakhawKabul FIRUnknown
OADZDarwaz AirportDAZDushanbe FIRDarwazSmall airport
OAEKKeshmKabul FIRUnknown
OAEMIshkashim AirportDushanbe FIREshkashemSmall airport
OAEQIslam-qalaKabul FIRUnknown
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