Ameland Airport Ballum

EHAL · Friesland, Netherlands

Wind direction of Wind direction 250° Ameland Airport Ballum 8/26
Wind: 17 kt, 5 beaufort

16 kt

5 kt
0 ft 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000
Cloud Cloud
FEW 2,300
METAR EHMA 221425Z AUTO 25017KT //// // FEW023 16/11 Q1000 RE//

METAR Ameland Airport Ballum - EHAL

Ameland Airport Ballum is a small airport in Friesland, Netherlands. The airport is located at latitude 53.45361 and longitude 5.67840. The airport has one runway: 8/26. The ICAO airport code of this field is EHAL. The airport is in the Amsterdam FIR.

This aviation weather observation was made for AWG-1 on September 22, 2023 16:25, local time.

Airport observations

The wind is from direction 250° with a speed of 17 kt.

The temperature and wind chill are 16 °C. The dew point is 11 °C, the relative humidity is 72%. The air pressure at sea level is 1000 hPa (QNH).

Daylight period

Today the sun rises at 07:22 and sets at 19:37. This applies to Ameland Airport Ballum, the universal daylight period may be different. The difference between the local time and UTC is +2 hour. Daylight saving time is currently in progress.


On this airport you can find skydive centers. Companies on this airport are, Paracentrum Ameland and Rondvluchten Ameland.


You can make a tandem skydive with an experienced instructor at this airport. These skydives include a free fall. The cost of a skydive at Ameland Airport Ballum is € 209. Make your reservation for Skydiving here.


Id Heading Crosswind Headwind Crosswind %
8/26 087°-267° 5 kt 16 kt 29 %

The direction with the greatest headwind component is highlighted and used for crosswind calculation. This does not necessarily mean this direction is in use.


2,300 ft FEW Few clouds

Temperature & Weather

Temperature 16 °C
Dewpoint 11 °C
Rel. humidity 72%
Kp-index 2 (0-9)

Daylight period

19:36 (2:49h)


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