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Airport rankings in United States

All airports in United States ranked by VFR conditions, average daily temperatures (minimum/maximum), average wind speed, observations with precipitation. Only observations between sunrise and sunset are taken into account. This data is calculated from the METAR observations in this year.

#ICAONameVFRMin. TemperatureMax. TemperatureWind speedRainSnow
101PFKTBrevig Mission Airport54.9%-4.3 °C1.7 °C12 kt8.7%10.4%
102KOELOakley Municipal Airport93.3%4.0 °C21.4 °C12 kt0.0%0.0%
103KCPWPagosa Springs, Wolf Creek Pass77.4%-3.1 °C4.5 °C12 kt2.0%7.6%
104PABRWiley Post Will Rogers Memorial Airport37.3%-12.0 °C-6.2 °C12 kt2.4%12.5%
105KSPWSpencer Municipal Airport76.4%3.0 °C15.7 °C12 kt3.6%4.2%
106K1CNCharlie (ruso)85.0%-1.0 °C11.3 °C12 kt3.3%7.1%
107KDHTDalhart Municipal Airport89.4%5.9 °C23.1 °C12 kt1.6%1.4%
108KHRLValley International Airport78.5%18.4 °C29.6 °C12 kt4.8%0.0%
109K5H4Harvey Municipal Airport78.4%-1.5 °C10.4 °C12 kt1.3%10.4%
110K06DRolla Municipal Airport71.5%-2.3 °C8.4 °C12 kt1.7%6.7%
111K36KKearny County Airport92.8%9.5 °C26.2 °C12 kt1.4%0.2%
112KEARKearney Regional Airport87.1%4.7 °C19.2 °C12 kt2.7%2.4%
113KEMMKemmerer Municipal Airport90.6%-3.0 °C9.2 °C12 kt1.2%6.4%
114KPIRPierre Regional Airport84.5%2.7 °C16.5 °C12 kt3.4%4.0%
115KHEIHettinger Municipal Airport79.3%-0.1 °C14.5 °C12 kt2.3%5.3%
116KPYXPerryton Ochiltree County Airport92.9%6.7 °C23.1 °C12 kt0.0%0.0%
117KD60Tioga Municipal Airport79.1%-1.9 °C10.4 °C12 kt4.2%0.0%
118KGRICentral Nebraska Regional Airport87.4%5.6 °C19.7 °C12 kt1.8%1.6%
119KHYSHays Regional Airport89.8%5.6 °C21.3 °C12 kt2.8%1.8%
120PATQAtqasuk Edward Burnell Sr Memorial Airport33.9%-12.8 °C-6.1 °C12 kt4.6%24.7%
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