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Airport rankings in Canada

All airports in Canada ranked by VFR conditions, average daily temperatures (minimum/maximum), average wind speed, observations with precipitation. Only observations between sunrise and sunset are taken into account. This data is calculated from the METAR observations in this year.

#ICAONameVFRMin. TemperatureMax. TemperatureWind speedRainSnow
351CYPCPaulatuk (Nora Aliqatchialuk Ruben) Airport60.6%-10.8 °C-6.0 °C10 kt6.4%28.3%
352CYGQGeraldton Greenstone Regional Airport60.6%-23.5 °C-10.0 °C7 kt0.5%43.5%
353CYPOPeawanuck Airport60.7%-7.1 °C3.1 °C9 kt11.1%17.4%
354CYGVHavre-Saint-Pierre Airport61.1%-1.1 °C7.3 °C10 kt13.4%12.9%
355CYGRÎles-de-la-Madeleine Airport61.1%4.8 °C9.9 °C13 kt13.3%11.6%
356CYDFDeer Lake Airport61.4%1.6 °C10.8 °C8 kt13.9%14.8%
357CYHAQuaqtaq Airport61.5%-5.9 °C-3.2 °C12 kt9.6%26.0%
358CYABArctic Bay Airport61.6%-2.1 °C0.1 °C9 kt7.3%20.3%
359CYBQTadoule Lake Airport61.6%-8.8 °C0.6 °C7 kt9.4%15.5%
360CYLAAupaluk Airport61.6%-6.0 °C-1.8 °C12 kt9.4%27.8%
361CYTQTasiujaq Airport61.8%-5.8 °C-1.2 °C13 kt6.6%25.3%
362CYEKArviat Airport61.9%-10.2 °C-1.8 °C13 kt6.9%25.7%
363CYKDAklavik/Freddie Carmichael Airport62.0%-9.1 °C-3.0 °C6 kt8.4%18.3%
364CZSJSandy Lake Airport62.0%-5.1 °C5.1 °C7 kt10.9%15.3%
365CYUTNaujaat Airport62.1%-12.6 °C-9.4 °C12 kt5.2%35.9%
366CYPLPickle Lake Airport62.1%-3.3 °C5.9 °C8 kt9.0%15.5%
367CYATAttawapiskat Airport62.1%-4.7 °C5.8 °C8 kt9.9%11.6%
368CYMOMoosonee Airport62.2%-4.0 °C6.7 °C9 kt14.5%14.4%
369CYASKangirsuk Airport62.6%-8.6 °C-4.7 °C14 kt9.0%29.5%
370CYYQChurchill Airport62.6%-8.6 °C-0.4 °C12 kt8.0%22.8%
371CYWKWabush Airport62.6%-6.6 °C3.6 °C8 kt16.6%25.9%
372CYTLBig Trout Lake Airport62.7%-6.0 °C4.5 °C5 kt11.2%17.2%
373CYBXLourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon Airport62.7%-0.6 °C6.0 °C11 kt16.1%9.0%
374CYEVInuvik Mike Zubko Airport62.9%-8.0 °C0.5 °C6 kt7.6%20.0%
375CYRTRankin Inlet Airport62.9%-11.7 °C-5.1 °C14 kt6.5%32.3%
376CYLHLansdowne House Airport63.0%-5.9 °C5.3 °C7 kt9.7%16.2%
377CYKQWaskaganish Airport63.1%-1.0 °C4.7 °C9 kt10.8%19.6%
378CYCOKugluktuk Airport63.1%-12.0 °C-4.4 °C10 kt7.9%33.3%
379CYXZWawa Airport63.1%-1.3 °C7.9 °C6 kt8.0%13.4%
380CYIVIsland Lake Airport63.1%-4.3 °C5.1 °C8 kt9.9%16.4%
381CYYGCharlottetown Airport63.2%4.1 °C12.0 °C10 kt15.0%9.2%
382CYVMQikiqtarjuaq Airport63.3%-13.2 °C-7.5 °C6 kt7.7%23.9%
383CYTSTimmins/Victor M. Power63.4%-2.6 °C8.9 °C7 kt12.9%18.9%
384CYKPOgoki Post63.4%-4.3 °C6.5 °C8 kt9.4%15.5%
385CYQAMuskoka Airport63.6%1.1 °C12.3 °C7 kt13.0%11.8%
386CYGXGillam Airport63.8%-7.0 °C3.2 °C9 kt8.8%10.8%
387CYUYRouyn Noranda Airport64.0%-2.3 °C9.1 °C8 kt13.1%18.5%
388CYXREarlton (Timiskaming Regional) Airport64.1%-1.4 °C9.8 °C9 kt13.3%15.6%
389CYBKBaker Lake Airport64.6%-11.4 °C-4.2 °C12 kt7.9%28.5%
390CYYWArmstrong Airport64.8%-4.7 °C7.4 °C7 kt9.3%17.2%
391CYVOVal-d'Or Airport64.8%-1.8 °C9.1 °C8 kt10.2%16.7%
392CYYUKapuskasing Airport65.0%-2.9 °C8.3 °C9 kt11.7%16.5%
393CYFCFredericton Airport65.1%2.2 °C13.2 °C8 kt14.4%6.9%
394CYAMSault Ste Marie Airport65.4%0.5 °C10.6 °C9 kt10.0%15.6%
395CYZTPort Hardy Airport65.5%5.6 °C12.1 °C7 kt20.8%0.8%
396CYLDChapleau Airport65.7%-1.8 °C8.7 °C7 kt10.0%15.7%
397CYSCSherbrooke Airport65.8%1.3 °C12.4 °C7 kt16.7%12.1%
398CYVPKuujjuaq Airport66.0%-7.1 °C1.5 °C9 kt12.2%24.3%
399CYQKKenora Airport66.1%-1.0 °C7.7 °C8 kt9.0%20.7%
400CYYLLynn Lake Airport66.2%-7.1 °C3.6 °C9 kt7.8%18.7%
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