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Airport rankings in Canada

All airports in Canada ranked by VFR conditions, average daily temperatures (minimum/maximum), average wind speed, observations with precipitation. Only observations between sunrise and sunset are taken into account. This data is calculated from the METAR observations in this year.

#ICAONameVFRMin. TemperatureMax. TemperatureWind speedRainSnow
151CWRMRocky House Marine Aviation Reporting Station0.0%-4.6 °C8.7 °C5 kt0.0%0.0%
152CWRNHart Island Meteorological Aeronautical Presentation System0.0%5.6 °C11.6 °C13 kt0.0%0.0%
153CWRORose Spit Meteorological Aeronautical Presentation System0.0%6.5 °C10.8 °C13 kt0.0%0.0%
154CWRTCrowsnest0.0%-2.3 °C10.6 °C6 kt0.0%0.0%
155CWRUSolander Island Meteorological Aeronautical Presentation System0.0%8.0 °C11.2 °C17 kt0.0%0.0%
156CWRXRowley Island, N. W. T.0.0%-18.5 °C-13.7 °C0 kt0.0%0.0%
157CWRYMilk River0.0%-0.7 °C13.4 °C11 kt0.0%0.0%
158CWRZCap D'Espoir , Que.0.0%2.1 °C7.9 °C9 kt0.0%0.0%
159CZZJEdson0.0%-2.4 °C10.7 °C5 kt0.0%0.0%
160CWSDSummerside Automatic Weather Reporting System0.0%3.7 °C11.4 °C11 kt0.0%0.0%
161CWSFCap Madeleine Meteorological Aeronautical Presentation System0.0%2.1 °C8.2 °C11 kt0.0%0.0%
162CWSGCap Chat CS, Que.0.0%1.1 °C7.7 °C9 kt0.0%0.0%
163CWSKSquamish Airport, B. C0.0%5.4 °C15.1 °C4 kt0.0%0.0%
164CWSLSalmon Arm Automatic Weather Reporting System0.0%3.3 °C13.9 °C2 kt0.0%0.0%
165CWSPSheringham Automatic Weather Reporting System0.0%7.5 °C11.9 °C10 kt0.0%0.0%
166CWSRSpiritwood West, Sask0.0%-3.9 °C7.8 °C9 kt0.0%0.0%
167CWSSSt. Stephen, N. B.0.0%2.0 °C14.0 °C5 kt0.0%0.0%
168CWSTLa Pocatiere0.0%1.8 °C10.5 °C8 kt0.0%0.0%
169CWTAMc Tavish Automated Reporting Station0.0%5.1 °C13.0 °C4 kt0.0%0.0%
170CWTGPointe-Des-Monts , Que.0.0%3.5 °C9.2 °C11 kt0.0%0.0%
171CWTNCap Tourmente0.0%1.8 °C10.9 °C5 kt0.0%0.0%
172CWTTLac Memphremagog0.0%2.2 °C11.7 °C7 kt0.0%0.0%
173CWTYTrois Rivieres0.0%3.4 °C11.2 °C8 kt0.0%0.0%
174CWUSSummerland Automatic Weather Reporting System0.0%5.5 °C14.7 °C4 kt0.0%0.0%
175CWUWDewar Lakes, N. W. T.0.0%-10.5 °C-5.3 °C12 kt0.0%0.0%
176CWUXLa Baie , Que.0.0%-1.6 °C9.0 °C7 kt0.0%0.0%
177CWVFSand Heads CS, B. C.0.0%9.0 °C12.9 °C10 kt0.0%0.0%
178CWVHStorm Hills , N. W. T.0.0%-7.3 °C-1.2 °C13 kt0.0%0.0%
179CWVIVegreville Automatic Weather Reporting System0.0%-2.5 °C9.8 °C9 kt0.0%0.0%
180CWVNVal Marie Southeast, Sask0.0%-2.2 °C12.8 °C10 kt0.0%0.0%
181CWVPCypress Hills Park0.0%-0.5 °C10.1 °C8 kt0.0%0.0%
182CWVQSte Anne De Bell 10.0%3.4 °C12.7 °C7 kt0.0%0.0%
183CWVTBuffalo Narrows, Sask.0.0%-3.4 °C6.6 °C6 kt0.0%0.0%
184CWVUBrier Island, N. S.0.0%5.9 °C11.5 °C12 kt0.0%0.0%
185CWWAW Vancouver Automatic Weather Reporting System0.0%7.7 °C14.7 °C1 kt0.0%0.0%
186CWWBBurlington Piers0.0%6.7 °C13.7 °C8 kt0.0%0.0%
187CWWEWestern Head, N. S.0.0%4.3 °C12.5 °C9 kt0.0%0.0%
188CWWFWeyburn Automatic Weather Reporting System0.0%-2.0 °C10.3 °C11 kt0.0%0.0%
189CWWKWhite Rock Automatic Weather Reporting System0.0%7.6 °C14.8 °C3 kt0.0%0.0%
190CWWLBonilla Island Meteorological Aeronautical Presentation System0.0%7.0 °C10.0 °C13 kt0.0%0.0%
191CWWSGeorge Island Meteorological Aeronautical Presentation System0.0%-2.5 °C3.9 °C12 kt0.0%0.0%
192CWWZPort Weller, Ont.0.0%7.3 °C13.9 °C9 kt0.0%0.0%
193CWXABow Valley0.0%-1.2 °C12.1 °C15 kt0.0%0.0%
194CWXCOnatchiway, Que.0.0%-3.0 °C8.7 °C4 kt0.0%0.0%
195CWXIFerolle Point Meteorological Aeronautical Presentation System0.0%1.9 °C6.7 °C13 kt0.0%0.0%
196CWXLBow Island0.0%0.3 °C13.9 °C9 kt0.0%0.0%
197CWYJVictoria University0.0%6.7 °C14.7 °C3 kt0.0%0.0%
198CWYLYoho Park Automatic Weather Reporting System0.0%-3.5 °C7.7 °C9 kt0.0%0.0%
199CWYYOsoyoos Automatic Weather Reporting System0.0%5.4 °C16.6 °C4 kt0.0%0.0%
200CWZAAgassiz Automated Reporting Station0.0%7.2 °C15.9 °C4 kt0.0%0.0%
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