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Airport rankings in Canada

All airports in Canada ranked by VFR conditions, average daily temperatures (minimum/maximum), average wind speed, observations with precipitation. Only observations between sunrise and sunset are taken into account. This data is calculated from the METAR observations in this year.

#ICAONameVFRMin. TemperatureMax. TemperatureWind speedRainSnow
1CYYFPenticton Airport91.4%4.7 °C15.5 °C8 kt6.2%3.2%
2CYKAKamloops Airport91.2%4.5 °C15.7 °C7 kt4.9%3.1%
3CYJFFort Liard Airport89.6%-0.3 °C8.1 °C6 kt3.9%10.0%
4CYXCCranbrook/Canadian Rockies International Airport88.8%0.9 °C13.0 °C5 kt6.3%6.2%
5CYDBBurwash Airport88.5%-8.0 °C4.9 °C7 kt4.6%9.0%
6CZFAFaro Airport88.3%-3.8 °C4.9 °C5 kt4.7%12.8%
7CWLYLytton, B. C.88.1%5.7 °C16.6 °C7 kt8.0%4.2%
8CYCQChetwynd Airport87.8%-0.3 °C10.8 °C7 kt6.5%11.4%
9CYQHWatson Lake Airport87.8%-5.6 °C5.8 °C5 kt5.3%9.8%
10CYXYWhitehorse / Erik Nielsen International Airport87.7%-2.7 °C6.7 °C8 kt7.5%14.4%
11CYZWTeslin Airport87.6%-2.5 °C6.3 °C5 kt4.6%7.9%
12CYWLWilliams Lake Airport86.6%0.6 °C10.7 °C6 kt4.8%5.6%
13CYVQNorman Wells Airport86.4%-8.3 °C2.9 °C7 kt5.0%14.6%
14CYDCPrinceton Airport86.1%1.0 °C14.1 °C3 kt4.8%3.6%
15CYMAMayo Airport86.0%-6.1 °C4.3 °C4 kt5.7%10.0%
16CYQLLethbridge County Airport85.9%0.0 °C13.9 °C11 kt4.4%10.1%
17CYBDBella Coola Airport85.7%4.8 °C13.3 °C6 kt18.9%1.9%
18CYXHMedicine Hat Regional Airport85.6%0.7 °C14.1 °C10 kt4.1%9.7%
19CYYCCalgary International Airport85.4%0.7 °C12.5 °C9 kt3.6%8.8%
20CYGEGolden Airport85.3%0.7 °C11.6 °C6 kt6.3%6.5%
21CYINBleibler Ranch85.3%-3.1 °C10.6 °C7 kt7.1%8.1%
22CYYDSmithers Airport85.1%0.1 °C10.6 °C4 kt11.5%5.8%
23CYPEPeace River Airport84.9%-2.9 °C9.3 °C10 kt5.6%11.0%
24CYCGCastlegar/West Kootenay Regional Airport84.9%3.9 °C14.9 °C5 kt9.7%4.9%
25CYLWKelowna International Airport84.7%3.2 °C15.2 °C5 kt7.2%4.1%
26CYFRFort Resolution Airport84.5%-1.5 °C4.2 °C7 kt1.7%15.2%
27CYYJVictoria International Airport84.2%6.7 °C14.8 °C6 kt10.5%0.9%
28CYQUGrande Prairie Airport84.2%-1.8 °C10.1 °C8 kt5.2%10.3%
29CZPCPincher Creek Airport84.1%-0.2 °C11.9 °C12 kt5.7%13.4%
30CYKYKindersley Airport84.0%-2.3 °C10.7 °C11 kt2.9%7.7%
31CYEGEdmonton International Airport84.0%-2.2 °C10.6 °C9 kt6.6%11.9%
32CYBWCalgary / Springbank Airport83.9%-2.6 °C11.4 °C9 kt4.3%10.3%
33CYTRCFB Trenton83.4%3.8 °C13.7 °C8 kt9.9%4.4%
34CYDLDease Lake Airport83.4%-4.4 °C7.1 °C5 kt8.5%11.7%
35CYDADawson City Airport83.3%-6.1 °C3.8 °C3 kt7.5%9.2%
36CYYZLester B. Pearson International Airport83.2%5.6 °C14.3 °C10 kt8.8%5.1%
37CYZUWhitecourt Airport83.2%-1.2 °C10.4 °C8 kt5.1%10.4%
38CYULMontreal / Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport83.0%4.3 °C13.0 °C10 kt11.6%8.1%
39CYGHFort Good Hope Airport82.9%-9.8 °C-2.0 °C5 kt6.3%16.5%
40CYHEHope Airport / FVRD Regional Airpark82.3%7.1 °C15.7 °C7 kt22.3%2.4%
41CYXESaskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport82.2%-2.8 °C9.9 °C10 kt4.7%10.3%
42CYFSFort Simpson Airport82.2%-5.0 °C6.0 °C6 kt3.9%13.3%
43CYETEdson Airport82.2%-2.5 °C10.8 °C6 kt6.7%11.0%
44CYOJHigh Level Airport82.1%-5.2 °C6.8 °C6 kt4.9%13.2%
45CZFNTulita Airport82.0%-2.0 °C4.7 °C7 kt4.3%12.7%
46CYHYHay River / Merlyn Carter Airport81.9%-6.0 °C3.7 °C8 kt3.5%14.1%
47CYYEFort Nelson Airport81.9%-4.5 °C7.1 °C5 kt5.2%12.6%
48CYXXAbbotsford International Airport81.7%6.6 °C16.0 °C6 kt14.8%1.0%
49CZVLEdmonton / Villeneuve Airport81.6%-0.9 °C10.9 °C8 kt5.9%12.2%
50CYCKChatham Kent Airport81.6%5.3 °C13.9 °C11 kt9.2%6.1%
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