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Airport rankings in Brazil

All airports in Brazil ranked by VFR conditions, average daily temperatures (minimum/maximum), average wind speed, observations with precipitation. Only observations between sunrise and sunset are taken into account. This data is calculated from the METAR observations in this year.

#ICAONameVFRMin. TemperatureMax. TemperatureWind speedRainSnow
1SBAUAraçatuba Airport98.4%21.7 °C31.3 °C9 kt0.0%0.0%
2SBAAConceição do Araguaia Airport95.2%21.9 °C33.1 °C5 kt0.0%3.6%
3SBTFTefé Airport94.9%25.1 °C32.4 °C5 kt4.1%0.0%
4SBSNSantarém - Maestro Wilson Fonseca International Airport94.5%23.5 °C30.3 °C7 kt5.3%0.0%
5SBGOSanta Genoveva Airport94.5%18.6 °C30.2 °C6 kt4.5%0.0%
6SBMKMário Ribeiro Airport94.3%17.6 °C30.2 °C6 kt3.6%0.0%
7SBEKJacareacanga Airport93.7%24.8 °C31.1 °C4 kt7.1%0.0%
8SBSRProf. Eribelto Manoel Reino State Airport93.0%18.7 °C29.8 °C6 kt2.5%0.0%
9SBTCUna-Comandatuba Airport93.0%15.1 °C15.8 °C4 kt2.6%0.0%
10SBRPLeite Lopes Airport92.9%17.6 °C29.9 °C6 kt3.8%0.0%
11SBBWBarra do Garças Airport92.7%24.3 °C33.0 °C5 kt1.8%0.0%
12SBMLFrank Miloye Milenkowichi–Marília State Airport91.7%23.1 °C26.8 °C9 kt6.0%0.0%
13SBPJBrigadeiro Lysias Rodrigues Airport91.6%22.4 °C32.2 °C5 kt3.3%0.0%
14SBFSFarol de São Tomé Heliport90.8%22.2 °C27.4 °C10 kt3.9%0.0%
15SBPBParnaíba - Prefeito Doutor João Silva Filho International Airport90.6%26.2 °C31.8 °C11 kt1.4%0.0%
16SBIHItaituba Airport90.2%25.1 °C33.1 °C4 kt4.5%0.0%
17SBDNPresidente Prudente Airport90.1%18.2 °C29.0 °C7 kt3.4%0.0%
18SBCBCabo Frio Airport89.7%21.4 °C26.9 °C10 kt4.9%0.0%
19SBMYManicoré Airport89.5%23.0 °C32.3 °C4 kt3.5%0.0%
20SBVTEurico de Aguiar Salles Airport89.4%20.7 °C28.7 °C9 kt5.2%0.0%
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