Lelystad Airport

EHLE · Flevoland, Holandia

Lekcje latania

Cessna flying lesson Verified

Do you want to fly the most famous small airplane in the world? Come fly the Cessna 172. It fits fou..

4,8 (287)


€ 149

Cessna flying lesson Lelystad Verified

Flying lesson with passengers. Fly with your instructor and 1 or 2 passengers in a Cessna 172

4,8 (312)


€ 159

Blackshape flying lesson Verified

The fastest of our planes. You sit behind each other, just like in a fighter plane.

4,8 (118)


€ 159

Basic flying lesson Lelystad Verified

Flying lessons without passengers. Fly with an instructor in an airplane for two people.

4,9 (223)


€ 109

Basic flying lesson Verified

The Basic flying lesson in the sport plane is one of the most purchased experiences. And with a reas..

4,9 (222)


€ 109

Aerobatics flying lesson Verified

Every good driver will practise his driving skills during a skid course, and every good pilot will p..

4,7 (36)


€ 299

Helicopter flying lesson Lelystad Verified

Flying lesson in a two-person helicopter. Fly together with an instructor, without passengers.

5,0 (24)


€ 449

Helicopter lesson with passengers Verified

Flying lesson in a four-person helicopter. Fly with an instructor and two friends.

5,0 (25)


€ 529

Multi-engine flying lesson Verified

Fly in a multi-engine airplane. Two passengers can fly with you.

4,5 (2)


€ 409

Symulatory lotów

Boeing 737 full-motion simulator Verified

Fly in a professional simulator. This flight simulator moves while flying, so you can 'feel..

4,9 (270)


€ 119

Flying without fear training NL Verified

Overcome your fear of flying during this private training in a full motion simulator.

5,0 (30)


€ 299

Airbus A320 Simulator Verified

Experience for yourself how it is to control this ultra modern passenger plane.

5,0 (19)


€ 89

Boeing 737-800 simulator Verified

A true copy of the Boeing 737 with full motion. You will forget you're not flying at all. Almos..

5,0 (1)


€ 209

Kursy wprowadzające

Beginners course 5 lessons Lelystad Verified

Discover whether getting your pilot's license is for you. Make a flying start with this course.

5,0 (5)


€ 999

Lekcje latania biegowego

Flight Lelystad - Texel Verified

Flying lesson from Lelystad to Texel and back. In a two or four-person plane.

4,7 (16)


€ 499

Kursy lotnicze

Flight training MLA/LAPL/PPL Verified

## Lesson package LAPL/PPL Become a pilot! You can order a complete training package for your Recre..


€ 4.949

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Port lotniczy Lelystad (EHLE)

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