May 20, 2022

Time Code Weather Temp. Visibility Clouds Wind METAR/SPECI
1:00 pm
48 °F 15 mi 6,000 ft 360°   360° 10 kt METAR CYED 201900Z 36010KT 15SM BKN060 BKN250 09/M05 A3017 RMK CU6CI1 DENSITY ALT 1811FT WIND EST SLP235
12:00 pm
48 °F 15 mi 5,000 ft 330°   330° 7 kt METAR CYED 201800Z 33007KT 15SM BKN050 BKN250 09/M04 A3017 RMK CU5CI2 DENSITY ALT 1816FT SLP235
11:00 am
46 °F 15 mi 25,000 ft 360°   360° 10 kt METAR CYED 201700Z 36010KT 15SM FEW045 BKN250 08/M04 A3018 RMK CU2CI5 DENSITY ALT 1697FT WIND EST OBS TAKEN +5 SLP236
10:00 am
46 °F 15 mi - 360°   360° 10 kt METAR CYED 201600Z 36010KT 15SM FEW035 SCT250 08/M02 A3019 RMK CU1CI4 DENSITY ALT 1590FT WIND EST OBS TAKEN +17 SLP240
9:00 am
41 °F 15 mi - 350°   350° 5 kt METAR CYED 201500Z 35005KT 15SM FEW140 FEW250 05/M03 A3020 RMK AC1CI2 DENSITY ALT 1286FT SLP249
8:00 am
39 °F 15 mi - 340°   340° 5 kt METAR CYED 201400Z 34005KT 15SM FEW140 SCT250 04/M03 A3019 RMK AC1CI2 DENSITY ALT 1084FT OBS TAKEN +6 SLP246
7:00 am
37 °F 15 mi - 330°   330° 4 kt METAR CYED 201300Z 33004KT 15SM FEW140 SCT250 03/M04 A3018 RMK AC1CI2 DENSITY ALT 920FT FST OBS SLP243
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