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Country code ZW
Country code (3 digit) ZWE
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 152
Size 390,529 km2

Airports in Zimbabwe

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

FVJNBulawayoHarare FIR
FVRGHarare/mugabeHarare FIR
FVABAberdeen AirportHarare FIRAberdeenSmall airport
FVAEBraebourne AirportHarare FIRBraebourneClosed
FVBBBeitbridge AirportHarare FIRSmall airport
FVBIBinga AirportHarare FIRBingaSmall airport
FVBLMabalauta AirportHarare FIRMabalautaSmall airport
FVBMBumi Hills AirportBZHHarare FIRBumiSmall airport
FVBOBosbury AirportHarare FIRBosburyClosed
FVBUJoshua Mqabuko Nkomo International AirportBUQHarare FIRBulawayoMidsized airport
FVCCC.C. StripHarare FIRC.C. StripSmall airport
FVCDChirundu AirportLusaka FIRChirunduSmall airport
FVCECelina AirportHarare FIRCelinaSmall airport
FVCHChipinge AirportCHJHarare FIRChipingeSmall airport
FVCMCam+Motor AirportHarare FIRCam+MotorSmall airport
FVCNCentenary AirportHarare FIRSmall airport
FVCPCharles Prince AirportHarare FIRHarareSmall airport
FVCRChizarira AirportHarare FIRChizariraSmall airport
FVCVChivu AirportHarare FIRChivuSmall airport
FVCZBuffalo Range AirportBFOHarare FIRChiredziMidsized airport
FVDADawsons AirportHarare FIRMvurwiSmall airport
FVDEDeka AirportHarare FIRDekaSmall airport
FVDUDudley AirportHarare FIRDudleySmall airport
FVEDEduan AirportHarare FIREduanSmall airport
FVFAVictoria Falls International AirportVFAHarare FIRVictoria FallsMidsized airport
FVFGFothergill AirportHarare FIRFothergillSmall airport
FVFIFilabusi AirportHarare FIRFilabusiSmall airport
FVGBGombera AirportHarare FIRGombera RanchSmall airport
FVGDGwanda AirportHarare FIRGwandaSmall airport
FVGGGachegache AirportHarare FIRGache GacheSmall airport
FVGRGrand Reef AirportHarare FIRMutareSmall airport
FVGTGaths Mine AirportHarare FIRGaths MineSmall airport
FVGWGweru AirportHarare FIRGweruSmall airport
FVHARobert Gabriel Mugabe International AirportHREHarare FIRHarareLarge airport
FVHPHome Park AirportHarare FIRHome ParkSmall airport
FVHYHippo Valley AirportHarare FIRChiredziSmall airport
FVINInduna AirportHarare FIRIndunaSmall airport
FVIPImpinge AirportHarare FIRImpinge RanchSmall airport
FVITItafa AirportHarare FIRItafaClosed
FVKAKaroiHarare FIRUnknown
FVKBKariba International AirportKABHarare FIRKaribaMidsized airport
FVKKKwekwe AirportHarare FIRKwekweSmall airport
FVKWMkwasine AirportHarare FIRMkwasineSmall airport
FVKZKezi AirportHarare FIRKeziSmall airport
FVLALangford AirportHarare FIRLangfordSmall airport
FVLGLonguiel AirportHarare FIRLonguielSmall airport
FVLKAirport of LinkwashaHarare FIRSmall airport
FVLSLonestar AirfieldHarare FIRChiredziSmall airport
FVLULusulu AirportHarare FIRLusuluSmall airport
FVMAMarondera AirportHarare FIRMaronderaSmall airport
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