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Country code ZM
Country code (3 digit) ZMB
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 123
Size 754,730 km2

Airports in Zambia

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

FLKKLusaka KuandaLusaka FIR
FLATKatete AirportLusaka FIRKateteSmall airport
FLBAMbala AirportMMQLusaka FIRMbalaSmall airport
FLCCChocha AirportLusaka FIRChochaSmall airport
FLCPChipata AirportCIPLusaka FIRChipataSmall airport
FLCUChunga AirportLusaka FIRSmall airport
FLEAEast One AirportLusaka FIRBwambwaSmall airport
FLEBEast Two AirportLusaka FIRMofuSmall airport
FLECEast Three AirportLusaka FIRLuanoSmall airport
FLEDEast Four AirportLusaka FIRMululoweraSmall airport
FLEEEast Five AirportLusaka FIRChidulkaSmall airport
FLEFEast Six AirportLusaka FIRChiwanangalaSmall airport
FLEGEast Seven AirportLusaka FIRKanshelaSmall airport
FLEHEast Eight AirportLusaka FIRKapuSmall airport
FLHNLivingstone NkumLusaka FIRUnknown
FLJKJeki AirportJEKLusaka FIRLower Zambezi Natational ParkSmall airport
FLKBKawambwa AirportLusaka FIRKawambwaSmall airport
FLKEKasompe AirportCGJLusaka FIRChingolaMidsized airport
FLKGKalengwa AirportLusaka FIRKalengwaSmall airport
FLKJKanja AirportLusaka FIRKanjaSmall airport
FLKLKalabo AirportKLBLusaka FIRKalaboSmall airport
FLKOKaoma AirportKMZLusaka FIRKaomaSmall airport
FLKSKasama AirportKAALusaka FIRKasamaSmall airport
FLKUKanyau AirportLusaka FIRKanyauSmall airport
FLKWMilliken AirportLusaka FIRKabweSmall airport
FLKYKasaba Bay AirportZKBLusaka FIRKasaba BaySmall airport
FLKZLukuzi AirportLusaka FIRNansoloSmall airport
FLLALuanshya Zambia AirportLusaka FIRLuanshyaSmall airport
FLLCLusaka City AirportLusaka FIRLusakaMidsized airport
FLLDLundazi AirportLusaka FIRLundaziSmall airport
FLLGLuwingu AirportLusaka FIRLuwinguSmall airport
FLLIHarry Mwanga Nkumbula International AirportLVILusaka FIRLivingstoneMidsized airport
FLLKLukulu AirportLXULusaka FIRLukuluSmall airport
FLLOKalomo AirportLusaka FIRKalomoSmall airport
FLLSKenneth Kaunda International AirportLUNLusaka FIRLusakaLarge airport
FLMAMansa AirportMNSLusaka FIRMansaSmall airport
FLMBMaamba AirportLusaka FIRMaambaSmall airport
FLMFMfuwe AirportMFULusaka FIRMfuweMidsized airport
FLMGMongu AirportMNRLusaka FIRMonguMidsized airport
FLMKMkushi AirportLusaka FIRMkushiSmall airport
FLMLMufulira AirportLusaka FIRMufuliraSmall airport
FLMOMonze AirportLusaka FIRMonzeSmall airport
FLMPMpika AirportLusaka FIRMpikaSmall airport
FLMUMulobezi AirportLusaka FIRMulobeziSmall airport
FLMWMwinilunga AirportLusaka FIRMwinilungaSmall airport
FLNANgoma AirportZGMLusaka FIRNgomaSmall airport
FLNDSimon Mwansa Kapwepwe International AirportNLALusaka FIRNdolaMidsized airport
FLNLNamwala AirportLusaka FIRNamwalaSmall airport
FLNYNyimba AirportLusaka FIRNyimbaSmall airport
FLPAKasempa AirportLusaka FIRKasempaSmall airport
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