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Country code YE
Country code (3 digit) YEM
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 46
Size 454,650 km2

Airports in Yemen

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

OYAAAden International AirportADESana A FIR
AdenMidsized airport
OYATAtaq AirportAXKSana A FIR
Midsized airport
ODAAAden KhormaksarSana A FIRUnknown
OYABAbs AirportEABSana A FIRAbbseSmall airport
OYAGAl GhaidahSana A FIRUnknown
OYANKamaran IslandSana A FIRUnknown
OYARRiyanSana A FIRUnknown
OYASAbbsSana A FIRUnknown
OYBAAl Badie AirportSana A FIRSmall airport
OYBIAl-Bayda AirportBYDSana A FIRAl-BaydaSmall airport
OYBNBeihan AirportBHNSana A FIRSmall airport
OYBQAl-Bough AirportBUKSana A FIRAl-BoughSmall airport
OYDMDhamarSana A FIRUnknown
OYGDAl Ghaydah International AirportAAYSana A FIRMidsized airport
OYHDHodeidah International AirportHODSana A FIRHodeidaMidsized airport
OYHJHajjahSana A FIRUnknown
OYIBIbbSana A FIRUnknown
OYKMKamaran AirportKAMSana A FIRKamaranSmall airport
OYMBMarib AirportMYNSana A FIRMarebSmall airport
OYMCMokhaSana A FIRUnknown
OYMKMokhaSana A FIRUnknown
OYMSMukeiras AirportUKRSana A FIRMukayrasSmall airport
OYQNQishn AirportIHNSana A FIRQishnSmall airport
OYRNRiyan Mukalla International AirportRIYSana A FIRRiyanMidsized airport
OYRTBarat AirportSana A FIRBaratClosed
OYSFAs Salif AirportSana A FIRAs SalifSmall airport
OYSHSadah AirportSYESana A FIRSadahSmall airport
OYSNSana'a International AirportSAHSana A FIRSana'aMidsized airport
OYSQSocotra International AirportSCTSana A FIRSocotra IslandsMidsized airport
OYSYSeiyun Hadhramaut International AirportGXFSana A FIRSayunMidsized airport
OYTZTa'izz International AirportTAISana A FIRTa'izzMidsized airport
OYZMAl-Hazm AirportSana A FIRAl-HazmSmall airport
YE-0001Perim / Mayyun West AirfieldSana A FIRSmall airport
YE-0002Perim / Mayyun East AirfieldSana A FIRSmall airport
YE-0003Al Dhaba AirportSana A FIRSmall airport
YE-0004Ma'asheeq Presidential Palace HeliportSana A FIRHeliport
YE-0005Ar Rawdah AirportSana A FIRSmall airport
YE-0006Balhaf Main HeliportSana A FIRHeliport
YE-0007Balhaf Upper HeliportSana A FIRHeliport
YE-0008Balhaf Yemen LNG AirportSana A FIRSmall airport
YE-0009Balhaf Lower HeliportSana A FIRHeliport
YE-0010Balhaf North HeliportSana A FIRHeliport
YE-0011Aden International Stadium HeliportSana A FIRHeliport
OY74Al Anad Air BaseSana A FIRMidsized airport
OY75Canoxy AirportSana A FIRSmall airport
WDAAl Ain Airport Ain District, Shabwah Governorate, YemenWDASana A FIRAin DistrictClosed
YE-0017Wadi Ain AirportSana A FIRAl ḨajabSmall airport
YE-0018Abbse AirportSana A FIRMatnahClosed
YE-0019Al-Bayda AirportSana A FIRAl BaydaClosed
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