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Country code VN
Country code (3 digit) VNM
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 65
Size 329,987 km2

Airports in Vietnam

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

VVCICat Bi International AirportHPHHanoi FIR
HaiphongMidsized airport
VVCRCam Ranh International Airport / Cam Ranh Air BaseCXRHo-chi-minh FIR
Nha TrangMidsized airport
VVCTCan Tho International AirportVCAHo-chi-minh FIR
Can ThoMidsized airport
VVDNDa Nang International AirportDADHo-chi-minh FIR
Da NangMidsized airport
VVNBNoi Bai International AirportHANHanoi FIR
HanoiLarge airport
VVPBPhu Bai International AirportHUIHo-chi-minh FIR
HueSmall airport
VVPQPhu Quoc AirportHo-chi-minh FIR
Dương ĐôngSmall airport
VVTSTan Son Nhat International AirportSGNHo-chi-minh FIR
Ho Chi Minh CityLarge airport
VVVDVan Don International AirportVDOHanoi FIR
Ha LongMidsized airport
VN-0001Dong Hoi AirportVDHHanoi FIRDong HoiClosed
VN-0003Bach Mai HeliportHanoi FIRHanoiHeliport
VN-0004Yen Bai Air BaseHanoi FIRSmall airport
VN-0005Đảo Trường Sa (Spratly Island) AirportSingapore FIRSpratly Islands (disputed)Small airport
VN-0006Đảo Nam Yết (Namyit Island) HelipadSingapore FIRSpratly Islands (disputed)Heliport
VN-0008Đá Lớn (Discovery Great Reef) HelipadSingapore FIRSpratly Islands (disputed)Heliport
VN-0009Đảo Phan Vinh (Pearson Reef B) HelipadSingapore FIRSpratly Islands (disputed)Heliport
VN-0011Năm Căn HeliportHo-chi-minh FIRNăm CănHeliport
VN-0014Central Pediatric Institute HelipadHanoi FIRHeliport
VN-0015Keangnam Tower A HelipadHanoi FIRHeliport
VN-0016Keangnam Tower B HelipadHanoi FIRHeliport
VN-0017Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower HelipadHanoi FIRHeliport
VN-0019Phu Quy AirportHo-chi-minh FIRSmall airport
HOONhon Co AirfieldHOOHo-chi-minh FIRQuang DucSmall airport
SOASóc Trăng AirportSOAHo-chi-minh FIRSóc TrăngSmall airport
VV02Bien Hoa Air BaseHo-chi-minh FIRBien HoaSmall airport
VV03Haiphong Kien An AirportHanoi FIRHai PhongSmall airport
XVLVinh Long AirfieldXVLHo-chi-minh FIRVinh LongSmall airport
VN-0061Phu Quoc International AirportPQCHo-chi-minh FIRPhu Quoc IslandClosed
VVBMBuon Ma Thuot AirportBMVHo-chi-minh FIRBuon Ma ThuotMidsized airport
VVCAChu Lai AirportVCLHo-chi-minh FIRDung Quat BaySmall airport
VVCMCà Mau AirportCAHHo-chi-minh FIRCa Mau CityMidsized airport
VVCSCon Dao AirportVCSHo-chi-minh FIRCon DaoMidsized airport
VVDBDien Bien Phu AirportDINHanoi FIRDien Bien PhuMidsized airport
VVDHDong Hoi AirportHanoi FIRSmall airport
VVDLLien Khuong AirportDLIHo-chi-minh FIRDa LatMidsized airport
VVGLGia Lam Air BaseHanoi FIRHanoiMidsized airport
VVKPKep Air BaseHanoi FIRKepSmall airport
VVNSNa San AirportSQHHanoi FIRSon-LaSmall airport
VVPCPhu Cat AirportUIHHo-chi-minh FIRQuy NohnMidsized airport
VVPKPleiku AirportPXUHo-chi-minh FIRPleikuMidsized airport
VVPRPhan Rang AirportPHAHo-chi-minh FIRPhan RangSmall airport
VVQNQuy NhonHo-chi-minh FIRUnknown
VVRGRach Gia AirportVKGHo-chi-minh FIRRach GiaMidsized airport
VVTHDong Tac AirportTBBHo-chi-minh FIRTuy HoaMidsized airport
VVTXTho Xuan AirportTHDHanoi FIRThanh HóaSmall airport
VVVHVinh AirportVIIHanoi FIRVinhMidsized airport
VVVTVung Tau AirportVTGHo-chi-minh FIRVung TauHeliport
VN-0021Đảo An Bang (Amboyna Cay) HelipadSingapore FIRHeliport
VN-0022Trường Sa Đông (Central London Reef) HelipadSingapore FIRHeliport
VN-0023Đảo Trường Sa (Spratly Island) Hospital HeliportSingapore FIRHeliport
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