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Country code UZ
Country code (3 digit) UZB
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 82
Size 447,209 km2

Airports in Uzbekistan

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

UTFFFerganaFRGTashkent FIR
UTFNNamanganNMATashkent FIR
Small airport
UTNNNukus AirportNCUNukus FIR
NukusMidsized airport
UTNUUrgench AirportUGCNukus FIR
UrgenchMidsized airport
UTSANavoi AirportNVISamarkand FIR
NavoiMidsized airport
UTSBBukhara International AirportBHKSamarkand FIR
BukharaMidsized airport
UTSKKarshi AirportKSQSamarkand FIR
Small airport
UTSSSamarkand AirportSKDSamarkand FIR
SamarkandMidsized airport
UTSTTermez AirportTMJSamarkand FIR
TermezMidsized airport
UTTTTashkent International AirportTASTashkent FIR
TashkentLarge airport
UTEDDzizakTashkent FIRUnknown
UTFAAndizanAZNTashkent FIRUnknown
UTKAAndizhan AirportAZNTashkent FIRAndizhanMidsized airport
UTKFFergana International AirportFEGTashkent FIRFerganaMidsized airport
UTNMMuynak AirportMOKNukus FIRMuynakSmall airport
UTNTTurtkul AirportNukus FIRTurtkulSmall airport
UTSHShahrisabz AirportSamarkand FIRShakhristabzSmall airport
UTSLKarshi-Khanabad Air BaseSamarkand FIRKhanabadSmall airport
UTSMTandy Bulak AirportTashkent FIRTandy BulakSmall airport
UTSNSugraly AirportAFSTashkent FIRZarafshanSmall airport
UTSRSariasiya AirportSamarkand FIRSariasiyaSmall airport
UTSUUchkuduk AirportTashkent FIRUchkudukSmall airport
UTTPTashkent East AirportTashkent FIRTashkentMidsized airport
UZ-0006Besh Kotan AirportSamarkand FIRBesh KotanSmall airport
UZ-0009Chinaz Highway AirstripTashkent FIRChinazSmall airport
UZ-0012Kunkhodzha AirportNukus FIRDzhangabirlykSmall airport
UZ-0013Dzhar-Tepe AirportSamarkand FIRDzhar-TepeSmall airport
UZ-0019Imeni Kirova AirportTashkent FIRImeni KirovaSmall airport
UZ-0020Aranchi AirfieldTashkent FIRKalinovkaSmall airport
UZ-0021Kamashi AirportSamarkand FIRKamashiSmall airport
UZ-0022Kara Kalpak AirportTashkent FIRKara KalpakSmall airport
UZ-0023Kayki AirportTashkent FIRKaykiSmall airport
UZ-0024Dehqonobod HeliportSamarkand FIRKokandHeliport
UZ-0025Kokand Southeast AirportTashkent FIRKokandSmall airport
UZ-0028Kuva Southeast AirportTashkent FIRMarkhamatSmall airport
UZ-0029Kuva West AirportTashkent FIRRamadanSmall airport
UZ-0030Muglan AirportSamarkand FIRMuglanSmall airport
UZ-0031Muruntau Southeast AirportTashkent FIRMuruntauSmall airport
UZ-0032Namangan Northeast AirportTashkent FIRNamanganSmall airport
UZ-0033Naubag AirportSamarkand FIRAkkurganSmall airport
UZ-0034Nishan AirportSamarkand FIRNishanSmall airport
UZ-0035Nukus South AirportNukus FIRNukusSmall airport
UZ-0037Ostrov Vozrozhdeniya AirportNukus FIRKantubekSmall airport
UZ-0042Shirabad Northeast AirportSamarkand FIRShirabadSmall airport
UZ-0043Shur Ob East AirportSamarkand FIRShur ObSmall airport
UZ-0046Statsiya Yakkabag AirportSamarkand FIRYakkabagSmall airport
UZ-0047Syrdarya AirportTashkent FIRSyrdaryaSmall airport
UZ-0048Syrdarya Highway Southwest AirstripTashkent FIRSyrdayaSmall airport
UZ-0051Tashkent Angor AirportSamarkand FIRTashkentSmall airport
UZ-0054Uchkurgan Southeast AirportTashkent FIRUchkurganSmall airport
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